Welcome WordPress 3.5


A new year brings a new WordPress: Version 3.5. It is called Elvin after Jazz drummer Elvin Jones. Unlike moving from version 3.3 to 3.4, slipping into this new version of WordPress has a significantly new feel in several areas. Here’s a summary of things you should be aware of as you create posts and pages. I’ll be sending out weekly “WordPress Tip of the Week” posts for the rest of the year (a new year’s resolution) detailing many of the changes and how to use them:

1. New Media Manager – When adding an image to a post or page you’ll see some changes. In the past, adding multiple images to a post or page has been cumbersome and adding photo galleries a separate process. Now you can upload multiple images and create photo galleries in one location. You can even define how many columns in the gallery and insert multiple images at once with Shift/Ctrl+click.

2. New Default Theme – The WordPress default theme just keeps getting better and better. For most users, there isn’t a need for a custom theme. The 2012 default theme has great flexibility for header images, background images, colors and sidebars.

3. The overall design and functionality of the WordPress 3.5 dashboard is more elegant and easier to use.

4. The HTML tab you use to enter code (embedding Google Docs or YouTube videos, for example) has been renamed to Text. I’m not sure why.

4. Creating tables in WordPress where you can add images, lists and data (think spreadsheet), just got easier with the plugin WP Tables Reload smack dab on the tool bar where it belongs. And creating tables will be my first WordPress Tip of the Week. Watch your email Monday morning.

Play us out Elvin!

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