Subscribe2 Replacing Post Notification

subscribe2Many Bethel WordPress sites use the WordPress plugin Post Notification to email registered users with the latest post. Post Notification, however, has been showing its age causing some problems with our mail server. Post Notification’s author has stopped updating and supporting the plugin so it is time to move to Subscribe2.

Subscribe2 is similar to Post Notification but has some slick features not available in the older plugin. Subscribe2 sends the email with your email address. This  means you’ll get an email from the mail server for any bad address. You can then remove the clunker from your list. You can also make some modifications to the format of your email.

On February 16 we will remove Post Notification from the Bethel WordPress sites. If you would like to continue emailing your fans, you have two choices:

Follow the steps below or let me know and I’ll be happy to make the change for you.

How to set up Subscribe2:

1. First you’ll need to export the email addresses out of Post Notification. Go to your Dashboard and click on Settings and then Post Notification.
2. Click on Export Addresses and then drag through your list and copy (CTRL + C) the list into memory. It is probably a good idea to paste the list into a WordPad or Google Doc to save it.
3. Now we’re ready to activate Subscribe2. Go to Plugins and Installed Plugins and click On Activate under Subscribe2.
4. Once Subscribe2 is activated, you’ll see it at the bottom left on your Dashboard. Put your mouse over Subscribe2 and select Subscribers. Here’s where you will paste (CTRL + V) the list of users you copied from Post Notification. Be sure to click on Subscribe at the bottom to save the list.

You could stop here, but let’s look at a few more things to set up:

5. Like with Post  Notification, it is a good idea not to set the email to be sent automatically when you publish. Here’s how to ensure you will need to manually set the post to be emailed. Go to Settings under Subscribe2 in your Dashboard. Click on the Appearance tab and then ensure that the box is checked before “Disable email notifications is checked by default on authoring pages?” and then save your changes by clicking on Submit.
6. The other box to check on the Appearance tab is “Enable Subscribe widget?”. This will put a box on your site’s front page allowing users to subscribe/unsubscribe. Be sure to click on Submit to save.
7. You can modify the format of the email that is sent my clicking on the Template tab and modifying any of the text that is not in brackets. Be sure to save it.
8. Finally, when you are ready to publish your post, be sure to uncheck the “Disable email notifications is checked by default on authoring pages?” box below the post you are writing. Then click Publish. You’ll automatically receive one or more emails.

One more nice feature I just thought of: Under Subscribe on your Dashboard is “Send Email”. This will allow you to send an email to your entire list of users. Type in the message and send. This isn’t a post, just an easy way to email users that perhaps isn’t important to the casual reader of your site.

Let me know if you need assistance and I’ll be happy to either give you some advice or make the entire change over for you. Remember 2/16/2013 is the end for Post Notification.

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