Adding Images in WordPress 3.9

Red Harley Davidson

Red Harley Davidson

One helpful improvement in the newest version of WordPress is how images are added to posts and pages. In previous versions, you needed to add them to your media library first. With WordPress 3.9, you can drag and drop images right to your post. Here’s how:


1. Place the cursor where you’d like the image to appear.
2. Shrink your window a bit to see the image you would like to add (having it on the desktop is convenient) and drag and drop the image to your post edit window. You’ll see the image appear in your media library.
3. In the lower right of the library, select an image size then click insert into Post.
4.  If necessary, re-size the images by clicking and dragging the bottom right-hand corner of the image.


You can also create a gallery right in your Media Library:
1. Place the cursor in your post where you’d like to have the Gallery appear.
2. Click on the Add Media button above the tool bar.
3. Click on Create Gallery at the top left.
4. Select any of the uploaded images you want to include in your gallery by clicking on them.
5. Click on Create a New Gallery at the bottom right and then click on Insert into Post. All the images will now appear in your post edit window.
6. If you are satisfied, click Publish and  you are done.

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