Adding a Sticky Post

By default WordPress is set up to highlight your posts as they cascade down the page from newest to oldest. Sometimes you want to have static content on the front page that addresses who you are or what your site is all about.

One way to make your WordPress site look more like a Web site and less like a blog is to make your front page a static page. The big drawback of doing that, however, is, well, its static nature. It appears that nothing much changes. And the beauty of WordPress is the dynamic nature of its blog function.

So what should one do? A really nice compromise is to use a sticky post. A stick post is a post that never leaves the top of your site. The Bethel WordPress site you are visiting has a sticky post (“Ask for Help”) at the top of the front page.

You might have contact information, a quick description of your mission or a link to something important, at least for now, that you don’t want disappearing out of site as you add more posts.

sticky1 sticky2

Here’s how easy it is to create a stick post:

1. Login to your site and navigate to the Dashboard.
2. Create a new post or you can open an old post and make it a sticky post.
3. Give the post a title and add content.
4. In the Publish box at the upper-right, click on Edit next to Visibility.
5. Under Public, check the box next to “Stick this post to the front page” and click Okay.

When you publish the post, it will stay at the top of the page until you change its visibility. You can have multiple sticky posts, but too many of them defeats the purpose of having dynamic content visible on your front page.


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