A Picture is Worth 414 Words

Here’s a tip on how to determine the size of an image you want to place in your post or page. There are actually two sizes to consider: 1) The size as it appears on the screen; and 2) the size of the original file you upload. Here’s how to decide.

If you are adding an image that is meant to make your post look more interesting (a logo or clip art, for example) and you don’t want or need visitors to click on  the image to see a larger version, then make the image size that you upload the same size as it will on the page.

If, on the other hand, you have an image that viewers will want to see blown up, then upload a larger image than the size on the page and select a smaller size when you insert the image into the post or page. Here’s an example:


These images look pretty much the same. The image on the left is 88KB which is small in terms of how much space it takes up on your site. The image on the right is 980KB over 10 times larger. The first image’s size on the page and the actual size are the same: 300 x 225 pixels. The image on the right is 300 x 225 pixels on the page, but the real size as I uploaded it is 1200 x 900 pixels.

So back to deciding which one to use. If you click on the image on the left, you’ll see the image pop up, but it isn’t any bigger than what you already see on the page. If you click on the right image, you’ll see the original 1200 x 900 pixel version.

So if I don’t need users to see the enlarged version, I should use the one on the left. And, just before I insert it onto the page, I can delete the link to the original image. Doing that means nothing happens when the image is clicked on.

If I want to have viewers see an enlarged version (imagine a picture of your classroom and parents wanting to see if little Suzie in the back row is busy doing her math), I’ll use the picture on the right.

If you don’t have software that lets you resize an image before uploading, you can use a program right on your computer. Find out how by reading Tip of the Week Resizing Photos.

That’s 414 words.

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