Stop in for a plugin checkup

wordpress-pluginWordPress plugins add functionality to your WordPress site. You decide which ones to activate. Some plugins run quietly in the background so it’s a good idea to check in occasionally to make sure your plugins are active.

The most critical plugin that every site should activate is Akismet. This plugin eliminates 95% of all spam. There aren’t any special settings for Akismet; but you should check to see that it is active and that it is running correctly.

Here’s how:

1. Login to your site and navigate to the Dashboard.
2. Mouse over Plugins and select Installed Plugins.
3. Akismet should be the first one on the list. If it says “Deactivate” under the title, the plugin is active. If it says “Activate” click on Activate.
4. If it is active, click on the Update Options button to ensure your API key is valid.
5. If you have not activated Akismet, you’ll need an API key. Email Tim Goss and I’ll send you the key. Or follow this link to receive an API Key from Askimet.

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