Scarf up these tips to make your WP life easier

tipsHere’s a short list of some WordPress tips that you might have overlooked:

1. When entering content for a post or page, hitting ENTER creates a double space. Hold the SHIFT KEY down and hit ENTER and you get a single space.

2. Whenever possible, use an action verb in your post headline. “Students Ace this Week’s Spelling Test” is much better than “Spelling Test Results”.

3. If you are using Subscribe2 to email your users when you create a new post, try using the Excerpt Box. What you type in this box (just below your post window) will be what appears in your email. Use the expert to tease the user into clicking on the link in the email. An excerpt might read, “Students are celebrating ‘Space Exploration Week’ and we’ve invited former astronaut¬† . . . Click to Read More.” You can also use the Read More Tag at the exact same point in your post so readers have to continue on to the full story.

4. Add a page called “Contact Me” or “Contact Us” so user have a quick and easy way to communicate with you. Don’t simply depend on the Comment Box on the page or post.

5. Use clip art or a photo on every post. Users will likely read the headline first then look at the graphic before reading you post. Having a snappy graphic that illustrates your message will encourage them to stay on the page.

6. Sometimes you don’t want a comment box at bottom of a post or page. To eliminate it on that particular post, simply uncheck the “Allow Comments” box below the edit window.

7. Change the Edit Window’s size to meet your needs. Grab the bottom right-hand corner and drag down to enlarge it. You can also use the “Distraction Free Writing Mode” by clicking on that button in the tool bar.

What you’ll see is a clean editing window without all the WordPress paraphernalia. Move your mouse to the top of the screen for options to save and exit this window.

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