Get your WP site mobile with one click!

I’ve posted this suggestion before, but it looks like few people took advantage of it. wpmobile3So let’s try it again.

With so many people using mobile devices these days, why not make your WordPress site mobile accessible with one easy click. Instead of having to read your post through a Web browser, smart phone users will automatically see your site in the format you see on the right. And if they would prefer to see the browser version, they can turn off the mobile version.

Here are the instructions for activating the WP Touch plugin. I’ll wait until you’re done. . . (Whistling).

1. Go to your Dashboard and click on Plugins.

2. Scroll to the bottom of the list and activate WP Touch.

You’re back! Wasn’t that easy? Try it out on your smart phone or email your grandmother in Harrisburg and have her take a gander on her iPhone.


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