Post When the Creative Juices Strike

wordpressclockWhen you try to post on a regular schedule, you are helping your users anticipate your email announcing new content on your site. But it isn’t easy to maintain a schedule because 1) you’re up to your eyeballs in other things to do; and 2) being creative on demand isn’t easy. Here’s a suggestion that might help.

Create a post, or several posts, when the creative juices are flowing. If you know that in October you’re taking your students to the Harrisburg Potato Festival, write the post in July when you’ve got more time. You can then set the post to auto-publish on the date and time of your choice. Here’s how:

1. Login to your WordPress site and select Posts and Add New.

2. Create the post the way your normally do and, if you use Subscribe2, uncheck the “Check here to disable sending of an email notification for this post/page” box below the post.

3. Instead of clicking on the Publish button, click Edit next to “Publish immediately” just above the Publish button.

4. Select a month, date, year, hour and minute for your post be be published.

When the bewitching hour arrives, WordPress will publish your post.

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