Tip of the Week: Keeping it In-House

openinnewwindowKeeping visitors on your site can be a challenge especially if you have links leading them to other sites. Clicking on a link to CNN, for example, means a series of back arrow clicks to return to your site. It is like dropping bread crumbs but having hungry birds gobble them up if users have gone more than a few clicks away from your site. And without an easy, intuitive way back, users aren’t likely to return.

One way to give users easy access back to your site is to have your WordPress site open a link in a new window or tab on the user’s browser. Doing this will retain the tab to your site and give your users a single click on the tab as a way to return to the great content you’ve created.

To force a link to open in a new tab or window, create a new link and check the box “Open link in a new window/tab” and then click Add Link. Simple!

Keep in mind the democratic nature of the Internet allows users to set their browsers to override opening a new tab or window.


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