Making a Single Post Password Protected

keySometimes your new post isn’t for everyone. Perhaps you’d like to have your parents know about an upcoming field trip and why you need 10 volunteers. You might include some pictures of last year’s field trip and a map to the site. Sure, you can email parents, but an email disappears quickly into the virtual universe and an email makes it difficult to carry on a conversation with some replies going to everyone and some going just to you. Using post comments is much easier.

Here’s an easy way to create a post that is password protected. Just create the post and before publishing, click on Edit next to Visibility in the Publish box. Select “Password protected” and enter a simple password.

If you use Subscribe2, in your excerpt, identify the password your users can use to access the post. Either way, your password will be part of the email that Subscribe2 sends out to users. If you don’t have your WordPress site set up to use Subscribe2, you can send an email from your Bethel email account to your users including the link and the password.

If you are using Subscribe2, be sure in Settings to set “Send Emails for Password Protected Posts” to “Yes”.

This shouldn’t be used for confidential information, but it is a great way to direct a post to a specific group.

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