It’s WordPress 3.0!

We’ve upgraded all Bethel WordPress bloggers to WordPress 3.0. You’ll notice some differences with the Dashboard as they’ve renamed a few things and made things a bit easier to format. Here are some highlights:

  1. There is not longer an “Edit” option under the Post heading in the Dashboard. Instead there is simply “Posts” where you’ll find all the posts and the ability to edit then.
  2. 3.0 now refers to blogs as sites. I guess that makes sense since WordPress makes a blog much more than just a blog.
  3. They’ve combined all the updates into one area so plugins, widgets and themes are all right upfront when you go to update.
  4. The entire Dashboard is lighter with a lot less clutter.
  5. For those of you who had a romance with the simple blue default theme, well, you’re out of luck as WordPress 3.0’s default is a lot nicer. . .er . . . I mean different.
  6. With 3.0 you can now easily change a theme’s background colors and header pictures. In fact you can have different header pictures on different pages.
  7. Navigational menus are now much more customizable where you can drag and drop things to meet your needs. And there is even a new Dashboard item under Appearance called Menus where you can create custom menus.
  8. And finally, Cory and I are now called Super Admins in WordPress 3.0. That should be deserving of a t-shirt!

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