Word Press Tables: Set ‘em Up!

Tables are a great way to organize data in a post or on a page. With WordPress there are two options (so far) that I’ve discovered:

1. You can create a table in Word, copy it, then paste it into your post. This can sometimes cause problems as it also copies some of the Word formatting. To avoid that, click on “Paste from Word” icon in the menu of the WordPress edit window,  paste the table there first then click “Insert”. This will place the table wherever the cursor is positioned in your posting or page without the  Word formatting:

Andrea Smith 3 541-555-1212

2. You can also use the plugin WP Tables Reload. First install the plugin. Once it is installed, click on WP Tables Reload in your Dashboard under Tools. Click on “Add New Table”. Give the table a name, description (optional), number or rows and number of columns and click on “Add Table”. You will now see the table appear at the bottom of the window. Enter the data into the table. Once you are finished, update the table. Finally, to  insert the table into a page, post or text widge , copy the shortcode [table "<ID>" not found /]
and paste it into the corresponding place in the editor. Each table has a unique ID. You can also click the button “Table” in the editor toolbar to select and insert a table. If you didn’t see the short code, it is listed at the top of the WP Tables Reload window.

NameID NumberSchool
Amy Smith1234Malabon
John Jones4321Danebo
Gretta Bork44343Cascade

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