Adding RSS Feeds to your Blog

One nice way to create community with WordPress is by adding RSS feeds from other bloggers. RSS stands for real simple syndication. An RSS feed lets you show another person’s blog on your blog.  With Bethel users this might be colleagues’ blogs; but you might know a principal in Beaverton or a national education figure who are bloggers. Here’s how to set up an RSS feed showing the latest blog entry on your sidebar:

1. Go to your Dashboard and scroll down to and click on Widgets (under Appearance).
2. Drag the RSS Feed widget to the side bar.
3. Enter the URL of the WordPress site (or other blog) you’d like to display. If this is a Bethel WordPress site, the URL would be:

Replace “user_name” with the Bethel blogger’s user id. That id will show up in the address window at the top of your screen when you are viewing her blog. For all but the newest of employees, this would be the first letter of their first name and their last name (e.g., pburrows). For brand new employees, this would be their first and last names written together (e.g., danamiller).
4. Decide how many posts to show for each (the default is 10, but 1 makes the list shorter) and whether or not to show the whole post. By default you will just see the post title.
5. Save the Widget settings and then close the Widget.

Repeat steps 1 to 5 for the next blogger you’d like to include.

Need assistance? Just ask: Email Tim or call 541-517-4911.

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