Adding a Photo Gallery

Here’s how to add a photo (or any image) gallery to a WordPress post or page:

1. Create a new post or page.

2. Enter text if there is a story that will accompany the photos.

3. Place the cursor where you’d like the photo gallery to appear.  In this example we’ll place four images across the post (or four columns) and  below this text Press Enter to  put the cursor on a line by itself.

4. Next click on the Add Image icon at the top of the post window.

5. Select the tab where your images are located. In this case they are on my computer.

6. Hold the control key down and select the images (two to as many as you want).  Click Open.

7. Once images load, click on Show next to each image if you wish to add a caption or edit the picture.

8. Set the number of gallery columns and click on Save.

9. Publish the post. The results should look something like this:

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