It’s ShowTime!

The WordPress plugin ShowTime puts a slide show into your WordPress post or page. First make sure you have Adobe Flash installed and updated on your computer ( Once you are sure you have Adobe Flash installed and updated, follow these steps:

1. Click on Plugins in the Dashboard and activate ShowTime.

2.Create a new post (or a page). Let’s try a post.

3. Give it a title and then in the edit window type.

Feeding the Slide Show

4. In the editor click the button Add an Image. Now, Select Files to upload. Do this one at a time until you have four or five images in the gallery.

5. Next, click the tab gallery at top of the screen. Now you should see all images attached to the current page. The gallery allows you to edit the title and caption attributes, change the order or delete an image file.

6. Save changes at the bottom of the window and then click to Publish the post or page or Preview post or page. You should see the slides come up one at time in your WordPress post.

7. You can go back to the Dashboard under Media and click on ShowTime Slide Show to change the size of the slide show screen, the style of transition between slides, the time between slide changes and much more.

Give it a try!

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