Adding Video to a Google Docs Presentation

Because Google owns YouTube, adding video to a Google Presentation is equally as easy. Here’s how:

1.On the appropriate Google Presentation slide, go to the “Insert” menu and select video. By default, it opens to YouTube.
2. Find the video you want and double click on it. Resize the video as needed.
3. Now go to the Share menu’s small black triangle and drag down to Publish/Embed and select Publish. Copy the embed code.
4. Go to WordPress and your new post (or page), click on the HTML tab and paste the embed code into the page or post.

You’re done! If you want to have the window of the presentation larger or smaller, change the height and width in the embed code. To show the presentation, click on the single arrow to automate it. To move one slide at a time, click on the double arrows. To enlarge the presentation full screen, click on the enlarge icon just to the right of the “slides 1/6”:

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