Adding a Google Form to WordPress

Google Docs includes Google Forms – Think survey or quiz. Here’s a Step-by-Step:

1. In Google Docs, go to Create New and select Form.
2. Enter a title for your form and any explanation.
3. Type a question (or survey comment).
4. Add the type of response (multiple choice, check boxes, etc.) and response choices if needed.
5. Click Add Item a the top to add another question.
6. When you are done, Select a Theme by clicking on the Theme button at the top.
7. Save the form and then click on More Actions to find the embed code and copy it.
8. Return to your WordPress site and create a new post or page.
9. Click on the HTML tab and paste the embed code in the text window.
10. Publish the form.
11. Wait for users to fill in the form, or better yet, send the post via email (or Subscribe2) requesting users to fill out the form.

You can view the submissions live as they come in (really!) or just view submissions by going to the form in Google Docs and clicking on See Responses.

Once you’ve collected your data, you can post the results in graphic form. Click here for an example of graphed survey results (but it could be just as easily the results of a student quiz): Administrator Survey Results

Here’s what a sample quiz looks like:

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