Adding A Google Doc to WordPress

Google word processing documents can also be imbedded into WordPress. The process is very similar to other Google Docs:

1. From your Google Account, go to Create New and drag down to Document.
2. Create the content for the document. Content can include text and graphics.
3. When finished, go to the Share button in the upper-right and set the document to Public.
4. Now that the document can be shared, go to the File menu and drag down to Publish to the Web and copy the embed code.
5. Return to WordPress and create a new post or page.
6. Select the Text tab and paste the embed code into the text window.
7. To change the width and height of the document as it appears in WordPress, put the cursor right after “…embedded=true” (to the right of the second quotation mark) and type width=650 height=600 so that it now looks like this “…embedded=true” width=550 height=600>
8. Click on Publish and you’re done.

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