Resizing Photos

If want to use photos in your WordPress site, you’ll likely need to resize them. The easiest way to reduce the size of a large image is to shrink it right in the post or page edit window. Just click on the image then drag the bottom right-hand corner toward the center. WordPress will automatically keep the proportions of your image. Click the Preview button (upper right) to see how it looks. Then click Publish or Update to save your changes.

Digital camera pictures can be as big as 3 megabytes. Your WordPress site won’t allow you to upload a file larger than 2 megabyte. And even it it would allow it, you don’t want a large photo on the site as it will load slowly and take up too much space. What to do?  Here’s an easy way on a PC to quickly reduce the size of the file before uploading:

1. Find the photograph you want to resize, right click on it and select “Open with . . .”

2. From the menu select Microsoft Office Picture Manager. Your photograph will pop up in the software’s window.

3. Click on “Edit Pictures” at the top of the window.

4. Now at far right click on “Resize”.

5. You have several options to choose from. I select “Predefined width x height” and then “Web – Small”.  You can define your own pixel dimensions or reduce it by a certain percentage.

6. Click “OK” and go to the File Menu and select “Save As . . . ” and rename the file and save it in a location where you can easily find it.

7. Now upload the photo to WordPress.

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