Picasa Slideshow in WordPress

****Before you start, make sure you have the plugin Unfiltered Mu activated. This allows html code (the embed code) to be placed in your post or page. Click on Plugins in the dashboard on left when you are editing and then click on “Activate” under Unfiltered MU.****

Just when you thought you’d heard all the great reasons to have a Google account here’s one more. The easiest way we’ve found to add a slideshow to your WordPress site is by using Google’s Picasa. Here are the steps:

1. This assumes that you have taken some pictures and moved them to your computer and re-size them. If you haven’t re-sized them, look at the post below for instructions.
2. Login to your Google Account, go to the “More” menu and select Photos. Don’t see Photos? Click on “even more…” at the bottom of the list.
3. Click on “Upload” and “create a new album”.
4. Give the album a title and select anything but Private.
5. Now click Browse and select your first photo to upload. Continue until you have five photos. Click on “Start Upload”.
6. Once you’ve uploaded all your the photos in groups of five, click on “Link to this Album” at the far right and click on “Embed Slideshow”.
7. Select size “Large” and check or leave checked “AutoPlay”.
8. Copy the embed code.
9. Return to your WordPress post or page and select the HTML tab and past the embed code into the Window.
10. Select a category, preview your post or page and click on Publish.
11. If the slideshow window is too small or too large, go to the embed code in WordPress and change the width and height.

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