Adding a Single Image to a Post or Page

If you are just adding a single image to a post or page, here is the simple how-to:

1. Login to your Dashboard.
2. Create a new post or page.
3. To add the image, click on the small photo icon just to the right of “Upload/Insert” in the menu bar of the post or page:

4. You’ll be asked to browse and upload an image. Find the image on your hard drive then click Upload.
5. You can then set the size and justification of the image before clicking on “Insert into Post”.
6. Once the image is there you can drag it to any place in the text you’ve created.
7. To modify the image, click on the image and then click on the small image icon that appears.
On the left of your Dashboard there is “Media”. That’s where your image is now stored and where you can add more images or documents for later use. You can edit your images here as well.

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