The Importance of Categories

Selecting one or more categories when you create a post is critical to how your WordPress site is organized. Categories allow visitors to your site to easily find what they want. Perhaps you have a category called “Parents”. Parents visiting your site can click on that category and see all posts in the Parent category in chronological order.

“Uncategorized” is the default category and doesn’t say anything to visitors (other than you forgot to give the post a category).  Not only should you select the appropriate category (or categories), but you’ll need to uncheck “Uncategorized” as it is selected by default.

For your school and administrative WordPress sites you’ll see the categories listed on the right-hand sidebar under “Recent Posts” or “Categories”. If Uncategorized is listed it means you have one or more posts with that selected as the category. To fix the problem, go to your list of posts and find the post with “Uncategorized” selected. Uncheck the box and make sure another category is selected.

Can you delete Uncategorized as a category? Unfortunately you can’t. However, you can rename it or select one of your other categories as the default category. Here’s how:

1. In your WordPress Dashboard click on Categories under Posts.

2. Click on Edit under the category Uncategorized.

3. Change the name of the category and save your changes. This new category will now be your default.

You can also select another existing category as your default category:

1. Go to your Dashboard and scroll down to Settings and click on Writing.

3. Select another Default Post Category and click on Save Changes at the bottom of the page.





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