“How am I Doing?”

WordPress users often ask “How am I doing? Who’s visiting my site?” Out of the box, WordPress doesn’t give you that information. But there is an easy-to-use plugin called “Counts Per Day” that will graphically show you how many visitors you have by day/week/month; where the visitors are from; what posts and pages they are reading and how long they spend on your site. Here’s a screenshot of what some of the data looks like:

See the easy-to-install steps below to start using Counts Per Day.

Equally important is how to drive people to your site. Think of your WordPress site as a store on a dead-end street. Just because you open the story doesn’t mean customers will flock to it. You have to get into your mattress costume, go down to the corner with all the traffic, wave and hold up your sign. You can do this by including a link to your site in your email signature, add it to paper newsletters, tell parents about it at conferences or when running into parents in the produce aisle at the super market.

You can also use the Post Notification plugin to send an emailed link to your registered users every time you publish a post.

How to set up Counts Per Day:

1. From your WordPress Dashboard, click on Plugins.

2. Scroll down and find Counts Per Day. Click on “Activate”.

3. There are a myriad of settings for this plugin, but I didn’t even look at them. I just kept all the defaults.

Now that the plugin is installed, you will find Counts Per Day on your Dashboard just under Dashboard and Home at the very top-left. Click on Counts Per Day and view your data.

You can also put a Counts Per Day Widget on your site. I did that below left to show you what it looks like. Just go to Widgets under Appearance on your Dashboard, find the Counts Per Day Widget and drag it to the appropriate Widget area.

Happy counting and be sure to send me an email when you get to 10,000 visitors.

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