List of Bethel Bloggers

RSS stands for Real Simple Syndication. RSS provides a way for Web sites to let people receive summaries of new content that has been posted. This is called an RSS feed and is posted online as a text file in a format called XML. You might start to notice that a lot of Web sites have small, orange rectangles on them that say either XML or RSS. This is a link to that site’s RSS feed.

Subscribing to a feed allows you to receive text updates from any of the Bethel Blogs. There are special types of software applications called news aggregators or readers that can read the RSS feed and display the summary for the user. People can subscribe to feeds from their favorite Web sites, so that the most current information is pushed to them. We recommend Google Reader.

To subscribe to any or all of the Bethel Blogs, click on the blog below. On the next screen click on the RSS feed icon (orange) in the address window. This will prompt you to add the blog to your Google Reader. You will now receive the blog posting the minute it hits the Web!

Cascade Middle SchoolClear Lake ElementaryDanebo
Natalie Oliver
Christina Boorman
Gabriela Calkins
Stacie Ray
Candice Ruscher
Shannon Witty
John Luhman
Leslie Brown
Christina Cox
Jennifer Reiss
Edith Simonsen
Mari Ford
Meredith Deverell
Sonja Greenamyer
Angie Johnson
Torie Meyer
Kevin Smith
District OfficeFairfield ElementaryIrving Elementary
Pat McGillivray
Brian Flick
Sherine Forrest
Cathy Bechen
Cory Fiala
Tim Goss
David Bolton - Tech News
Nicole Zwink (S.H.A.P.E.)
Jenny Sink
Rachel Rhoads
Nathan Bridgens
Nicole Butler
Lara Castillo
Erin Moss/Kendall Holliday
Christy Perrigo
Debbie Mallery
Briony McFarland
Ivy Sawyer
Kalapuya High SchoolMalabon ElementaryMeadow View School
Stefan Aumack
Janay Stroup
Bruce Weinberg
Naz Zydycryn
Maureen Spence
Celene Admire
Johnny DeFlaminis
Pam Dizney
Theresa Haley
Rachel Hsieh
Windy Leona
Jeannine McIntyre
Caleb McKenzie
Charissa Nelson
Rob Peterson
Tara Tardiff
Erika Case
Sarah Campbell
Sarah Campbell (MV 6 News)
Josh Dillow
Terry Foytek
Denise Meinardus
Amber Plaunty
Melinda Trammell
Eric Wright
Prairie Mountain SchoolShasta Middle SchoolWillamette High School
Jill Robinson-Wolgamott
Debi Bostwick
Pam Brandt
Brittany De Lay
Jennifer DeBlois
Alison Dodd
Brittany Dorris
Peggy Doty
Jenifer Gerlach
Rachel Gillis
Meryni Hall
Robin Hanson
Athena Imholt
Makenzie Jenson
Mike Lees
Sonja Maul
Mariah Praus
Christina Roe
Jessika Smith
Amanda Zacharek

Brady Cottle
Marty Greydanus
Holly Hernandez
Kristy McElravy
Patrick Waugh
Ann Wiltshire
Erin Brown
James Broyhill
Jaclyn Jensen
Sean Kenna
Sean Kenna's Astronomy
Ewa Lancaster
Tom Lindskog
Steve Miller
Claire Mitchell
Kristy Morrow
Mike Myers
Dain Nelson
David Novak
Nan Petersen - English
Nan Petersen - Biology
Amber Plaunty
Deder Siedler
Leslie Simmons
Jade Starr
Jade Starr- IB
Paul Stieber
Matt Symonds
WHS Game Makers Club
Kyle Ward
Angie Weyand
Karen Wiant

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