Welcome to Room 11!

August  30, 2018

Dear Parents,

It is indeed a pleasure to have your child in our class.  It is our goal to be the best teachers that we can be.  In doing so we will do whatever necessary to help your child feel successful and have an enjoyable 4th grade school year.   Our goal, as teachers, is to never stop learning, growing, and improving.  We believe that your child is a “teacher” and as a classroom family we will spend the school year learning from one another.

Each week a parent newsletter will be posted on our classroom blog that will help you understand vital information that will enable us to make this a very positive and rewarding year. We feel that open lines of communication between the parent, student, and teacher are the key to promoting an educational climate that is conducive to learning. We are looking forward to working with you and your child.  Together we can make a difference!  You can help by sending us well-rested children with full tummies and a hug and a kiss still fresh on their minds.  This sets the stage for a lovely day.

Please feel free to contact us at any time if there is a question or situation you would like to discuss.  You will receive additional communication throughout the school year.  We look forward to building a relationship with you and your child and thus providing the best education that we are capable of giving.

If possible, please send with your child a photograph and/or drawing of a “summer” memory on the first day of school. This may be a family trip, a sketch of a favorite summer activity, etc.  We will use these photos to begin our writing for the year.

We can’t wait to get started! 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Looking forward to a great year!

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