SHAPE is a grant-funded program designed to promote and foster health and wellness among Bethel School District employees. SHAPE seeks to address the primary health needs of physical activity, nutrition education and stress management through fun, rewarding and free activities open to all district staff.

Monthly Archives: September 2013

Are you a runner?

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How do you know you’re a runner?

Is it the fancy decal proudly rubbed onto your back windshield? Or the magnet clinging to your bumper that declares you a runner? Perhaps it’s the tread on your well traveled running shoes…. Wonder what makes a runner and how to be one?
Here’s how… Find the nearest exit…open the door and walk out. When it slams shut, take a deep breath and start your run. Run as far as you can. Run at your pace. Stop when you want. Then, look back to where you came from and smile. Pat yourself on the back and own that new title. You are now a runner.

This post isn’t just about running—the first step–is often the most important!!

Diet–One of my least favorite words



I think of diet as one of those “four letter words”.  I don’t like it.  I know it is supposed to be a general, harmless term for what we consume–but it has become a word tied to the often constant battle of weight loss.  The Atkins diet, the South Beach Diet, the Cabbage soup diet—all promise astounding weight loss with no drawbacks.  The majority of “diets” change your eating in a way that many people cannot maintain.  They may help you lose weight–but as soon as you go back to a normal “diet” the weight comes back.  The only truly effective “diet” is one where you change your eating habits for good.

Set a goal:

*Eat one more serving of fruit a day

*Serve your dinner on a smaller plate

*Keep a food journal–look at what you are eating and find times of the day to add something healthy–nuts, fruit, veggies

Making a positive change in your daily eating habits takes time and commitment.  Researchers say that it takes 21-30 days to develop a habit.  Decide on one healthy change to make in what you eat everyday–and get started creating new habits today!





“I don’t have time”.  That may be the most used excuse for not getting moving.  Sixty minutes a day is the recommended amount of exercise we should strive for–but it doesn’t have to be done all at once.  Get out of bed and do 5-10 minutes of moving before you get in the shower.  Take exercise breaks throughout the day during transition times–get your students moving with you.  Park further away from the store.  Walk the dog.  Get up and move during the commercials of your favorite show.  Every little bit counts!