SHAPE is a grant-funded program designed to promote and foster health and wellness among Bethel School District employees. SHAPE seeks to address the primary health needs of physical activity, nutrition education and stress management through fun, rewarding and free activities open to all district staff.

Monthly Archives: December 2013

Fitness activity classes—try them out this week!

There was an issue with an older subject line finding its way into my e-mail!!

Classes are happening this week—Try them out!!

Monday:  Circuit at Danebo, Funkaerobics at CL and Yoga/Pilates at Malabon

Tuesday:  Yoga at Fairfield and Basketball at MV

Wednesday:  Tabatas at WHS, Circuit at Shasta, Yoga at PM, and Latin Fusion at Irving

Thursday:  Latin Fusion at MV and Beginning Running/walking at PM

Friday:  Basketball at WHS

Check schedule for times.


Technology and Exercise—Make it work for you!!

These days it seems almost everyone has a smart phone, an ipad, or a tablet.  If you have one you have access to your very own personal trainer!!  There are apps for everything these days–including apps that will aide in your goal to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Here are just a few free apps that may be helpful:

GPS apps–they record your path, speed, and distance while walking, running or biking

My Tracks, Runkeeper, Nike+Running (does not require a sensor), Map My Run, NoomWalk Pedometer

Weight loss apps:

WW Mobile (weight watchers), Noom weightloss coach (partners with Noom Walk Pedometer), Calorie Counter, Lose it

Exercise apps:

Instant HR (uses the color of your finger to estimate HR), Fitness Buddy FREE, Daily Ab workout (also butt, Yoga, arms, legs, cardio, etc.)


When trying to lead a healthier lifestyle, you don’t have to change everything at once.  Choose one thing to work on and go from there.

**Remeber–SHAPE classes in full swing this week!!!!!**