SHAPE is a grant-funded program designed to promote and foster health and wellness among Bethel School District employees. SHAPE seeks to address the primary health needs of physical activity, nutrition education and stress management through fun, rewarding and free activities open to all district staff.

Monthly Archives: January 2014

SHAPE Update: It’s Cookin’


Healthy Cooking Fills Up

We’ve found your sweet spot. A second Healthy Cooking class has been scheduled for February 12th  after the February 6th Healthy Cooking class filled up.

You won’t believe the menu, and it’s free! Check out the details here and email Jennie Kolpak to reserve your space, but hurry.


Nearly 20 Bethel staff members take part in the Circuit Training class at Shasta Middle School.

Nearly 20 Bethel staff members take part in the Circuit Training with Weights class at Shasta Middle School.

Dialed In On Circuit Training

This is quickly becoming one of the most popular SHAPE exercise classes, and it’s easy to see why. Under the direction of trainer Julia Buck, Bethel staff members in the Circuit with Weights class rotate among more than a dozen exercise stations.

Utilizing resistance bands, medicine balls, free weights, weight machines, and one’s own body weight works to improve strength, balance and endurance.

Every station can be adjusted to each individual’s needs during this fun full-body workout.


Rad Run Discounts For Bethel Staff

Bethel staff members get a discount at the Color Me Rad 5k and the Dirty Dash. Just use the code word BETHEL during registration and race organizers will knock 10% off the registration cost and return that 10% to SHAPE for more exercise classes for you.

Color Me Rad is April 12, and you’ll get bombarded with colored corn starch for a multi-colored finish.

The Dirty Dash is a muddy obstacle course run on June 28. Register for either one before February 21 to get the lowest price on both races.


Beginners Exercise Class

The SHAPE Beginner’s Class for Bethel staff is bridging the gap between the couch and taking on a full workout program. This class will slowly and carefully introduce you to a variety of different low impact exercise options, and it will all be tailored to your individual needs.

Join Nicole Zwink, SHAPE Coordinator, at Danebo’s gym each Thursday from 4:15-5:00Email Nicole for more information.


Free Skating for Fun and Exercise

Join Bethel’s own Roller Derby Diva Amber Plaunty for Roller Skating instruction and fun on Friday, Feb. 7th from 7:30-9:30 at Willamalane!  Free skates and entry for Bethel Staff and their spouses, friends, and partners.  Adults only please.

SHAPE Update: Yoga, Cooking, Marathon, Oh My!


Beginners Exercise Class

This is the one you’ve been waiting for. The SHAPE Beginner’s Class for Bethel staff will slowly and carefully introduce you to a variety of different low impact exercise options. This will be tailored to individual needs.

For so many of us the thought of starting a workout program can be daunting. It’s been so long, we have new aches and pains, and we’re not sure we can even try to get into shape again.

Give yourself a chance and see what a difference it can make in your life. Join Nicole Zwink, SHAPE Coordinator, at Danebo’s gym each Thursday from 4:15-5:00.  Contact Nicole for more information.


Staff members from throughout the district begin the weekly Yoga class at Fairfield.

Staff members from throughout the district begin the weekly Yoga class at Fairfield.

Pick Your Pace

SHAPE is offering a range of exercise classes to meet your needs. Yoga has been popular. Latin Fusion (think Zumba) gets you up and moving. Funkaerobics (high-energy aerobics and toning) will have you smiling. Circuit Training offers individualized workouts, and there’s a lot more.

It’s all free and only for Bethel staff. Talk a co-worker into joining you and give a class a try.



Healthy Cooking Class

There are still a few spots open for the first SHAPE healthy cooking class. It’s free and is starting on February 6th with a meal for Valentine’s Day.

Check out the details here and contact Jennie Kolpak to reserve your space, but hurry.


Marathon Training

For the truly dedicated and goal-bound runners, SHAPE is offering training for the Eugene Marathon on July 27th. The training schedule starts on Sunday, January 26th and includes five workouts a week with the longest runs on Saturdays.

This training schedule is in minutes, not miles.  If you prefer to use miles just drop the zeros. Email Nicole Zwink, SHAPE Coordinator for possible group runs on Saturdays.

Suggested reading: The Non-Runner’s Marathon Trainer, written after two professors designed and implemented a marathon training course at the University of Northern Iowa.  In 5 years of teaching the class, 499 out of 500 students finished the marathon. Nicole was a student in the first class they taught and she finished the Drake Relays Marathon to pass the class.  Now, that’s a final exam! It was also the first – and only – time that her picture was in Runner’s World Magazine!

Cooking With Love: Meal for Your Valentine’s Day

SHAPE is offering a series of free healthy cooking classes, starting with a meal for Valentine’s Day.

This first cooking class will be led by experts who will give you the hands-on experience of making all the recipes on this delicious menu:

Salmon with Blood Orange Glaze
Quinoa Pilaf
Roasted Broccoli with Lemon
Roasted Beet Salad with Goat Cheese
Chocolate Quinoa Cake

  • The class takes place February 6th, 5:00-7:00 p.m. in the Willamette High School Home Economics Room.
  • All the food is provided for free.
  • Instructors will be Rosa Mariotti and Bre Syron, Certified Culinarian.
  • First come, first served: To sign up email Jennie Kolpak.

Come hungry because you will eat everything you make!

How do I get to class?

Since the fitness classes occur before and after school–sometimes it is difficult to know where to go and how to get in.  Here is a rundown for each of the schools.

Cascade:  In the small gym–at the back of the school.

Clear Lake:  In the gym.  Walk to the far side of the school (to the right if facing the school), walk past the green dumpster, through the gate and to the door on your left.

Danebo:  In the gym–Building toward the back of the school

Fairfield:  In the cafeteria–Go in the front doors and turn left at the T

Irving:  In the gym–building all the way right

Malabon:  In the library–Go to the building directly behind the main building, in the doors and it is on your left halfway down the hall

Meadow View:  in the small gym.  Go in the front doors, walk down the lefthand hallway as far as you can, through the double doors, turn right, gym will be second door on your right

Prairie Mountain:  In the front doors, righthand hallway to the T, turn left, Class is in the North gym–3rd set of doors on your right

Shasta:  On the stage, Go in the doors to the gym, walk through the gym, turn right when you get to the hallway and it is the first door on your right

Willamette:  Class in North Gym, Bldg located between the East gym and the school

I hope this helps!  Be sure to knock on the door if it is not open and someone will come and let you in!