SHAPE is a grant-funded program designed to promote and foster health and wellness among Bethel School District employees. SHAPE seeks to address the primary health needs of physical activity, nutrition education and stress management through fun, rewarding and free activities open to all district staff.

Monthly Archives: November 2014

It’s cold outside—but keep on moving!!

I find winter to be the most difficult time to motivate myself to exercise.  That is all the more reason to get out there and get moving.  If you can create an exercise habit in the winter when it is cold and dark–it will be easy to keep going through the spring and into the summer!!


Here are some Holiday fun runs to get you moving!!

EWEB’s Run to Stay Warm: November 23rd at the EWEB Plaza  8:30 am–kids 400; 9 am–half marathon; 9:15–10K and 5K

Turkey Trot:  November 24th at Valley River Center 9am–4 mile; 9:10am–2 mile walk;  10am–Gobbler Gallop for kids

Turkey Stuffer:  Thanksgiving Day (Nov. 27th) at SPLASH  8:30 am 5K

Jingle Bells Run:  December 6th at Maurie Jacobs Park   Races start at noon and include a 12K, 8K, 5K and 400 meter fun run

Civil War Relay:  December 7th–First wave starts at Alton Baker Park;  Relay for teams of up to five runners running from Eugene to Albany

Frozen Trail Runfest:  December 13th at Howard Buford Recreation Area;  Staggered starts begin at 10am;  distances include 50 miles, 15 miles, 9 miles and 5K

Eugene Holiday Half and Hustle:  December 20th at the Lane Events Center fairgrounds.  10am–half marathon; 10:15–10K and 5K

First Run:  Two events–a 10K and 5K on New Year’s Eve (11:59) starting and ending at the Valley River Inn; a 10K and 5K on New Year’s Day (10am) starting and ending at McGrath’s Fish House


Clear Lake Pedometer Challenge!!

Clear Lake finished up their pedometer challenge with some huge numbers!!

The ending numbers for the top three teams for their two week challenge:

First place:  The Pink Ladies–Kim H., Tina K. and Vicki S. with 738,004 steps!!

Second place:  The Three Amigos–JeriAnn, Rod and Randy with 613,686 steps!

Third place:  Mandy, Bobbi and Echo with 564,713 steps!

Now you have some numbers to shoot for when you begin your school’s pedometer challenge!


Check out the Recipes blog for recipes from the Soup’s On cooking night!










SHAPE Update: One Step At A Time

Bethel Walks The Walk

Is your school or department on the list below? Teams of three or four individuals have been competing against other small-group Bethel teams to see who can rack up the most steps with a pedometer. Each time an individual reaches 10,000 steps in a day they can enter their name in a weekly drawing for gift cards.

SHAPE has purchased new, reliable pedometers, and they are free for your use.

Get a team together in your building and throw down the Pedometer Challenge to another school or another group down the hall. Here is the schedule so far, but more teams could be added to any of these dates:

Oct. 27 – November 10: Clear Lake
December 1 – 19:  Danebo
January 5 – 16:  Shasta
January 26 – February 6:  Malabon
February 16 – 27:  Open
March 9 – 20:  Open
March 30 – April 10:  Fairfield
April 20 – May 1:  Fairfield vs. Clear Lake
May 11 – 22:  Irving

SHAPE has enough pedometers to accommodate two schools at a time.  Even if you don’t want to challenge another school—you could share their dates.

Talk to your SHAPE champion about signing up your school!!


SHAPE Basketball Tuesdays

Gym time has now been finalized; SHAPE basketball will take place the first and third Tuesdays of the month. Join the hoopsters at Meadow View from 4:15-5:30 for friendly and competitive games. The next SHAPE Basketball is scheduled for November 17th. Contact Pat M for more information.


Bethel Employee Fun Fitness Nights

An evening of volleyball, badminton, or other activities is a great team-building opportunity. Talk to your SHAPE champion about scheduling a night of active fun. Choose the evening, select the activity, and your champion will work with SHAPE Coordinator Nicole Zwink to set it up.  The evening can include employees from your school or department and anyone you would like to invite from other schools. Get a fun fitness night scheduled today!


Considering A SHAPE Class? Take A Friend

Check the SHAPE schedule of free, grant-funded activities for Bethel staff. Give one a try and consider taking a co-worker.

What would motivate you to participate in the SHAPE wellness activities? Send your feedback to SHAPE Coordinator, Nicole Zwink.