SHAPE is a grant-funded program designed to promote and foster health and wellness among Bethel School District employees. SHAPE seeks to address the primary health needs of physical activity, nutrition education and stress management through fun, rewarding and free activities open to all district staff.

Monthly Archives: February 2015

Free Workout Videos, 100 Mile Club


Join The 100 Mile Club

These Bethel co-workers have all earned $10 gift cards for completing 100 miles (or 15 minutes of a heart rate-increasing activity = 1 mile.)  There is still time to track your activity and receive a gift card(s) from Starbucks, iTunes, Albertsons, Regal, Subway or Amazon. Congrats to these active Bethel co-workers:

Tracy Hagarty, Malabon; Danielle Connelly, CL; Vickie Lowery, Transportation; Elizabeth Radke, Irving; Haley Ellis, PM; Kathy Cleland, WHS; Debbie Holte, Irving; Jennifer Ewing, Danebo; Jill Busby, DO; Colt Gill, DO; Stacey Jubb (x3), Danebo; Kim Hutchison (x2), CL; Ann Wiltshire, Shasta; Mike Myers (x2), WHS; Mary Ann King, Shasta; Mago Gilson, Danebo; Michelle Glennon, MV; Brady Cottle, Shasta; Patricia Smith (x2), Shasta; Sara Matteri (x2), WHS; Teresa Cunningham, Danebo; Sonja Maul, PM; Christi Cameron, Malabon; Don McMurren, Shasta; Kim Goodman, Shasta; Alison Dodd, PM; Kim Wymer, CL; Laura Mora, Danebo; Kelly Josh, Danebo; Mari Ford, Danebo; Amy Riepma, Danebo; Linda Honn, Shasta/Irving; Harvey Hafeman (x2), Shasta; Kerri Mitchell, Danebo; Cammy Wilberger (x3), FF; Krista Bushnell, DO; Jennifer Reiss, CL; Amber Plaunty, MV

The 100 mile club is still open. Print this 100 Mile Club form and get moving!


Free Workout Videos From SHAPE

You are welcome to check out any of the following workout videos for two weeks at a time.  If there is no one waiting to check them out you may renew them for another two weeks.

  • The Biggest Loser:  Cardio Max  (level 1,2, & 3 workouts)
  • The Biggest Loser:  Power X-train
  • Jillian Michaels:  Yoga Inferno (Two 30 minute intense workouts)
  • Piloxing by Viveca Jenson: (Creative mix between Pilates and Boxing)
  • Elements of Yoga:  Air and Water flow with Tara Lee (2014 Best Workout DVD—Fitness)
  • Zumba Fitness
  • Beachbody
  • Piyo:  Combines Pilates and Yoga—no weights, no jumping
  • T25:  Nine 25 minute, very challenging workouts

To check out a workout DVD email Nicole Zwink. You will receive the DVDs through district mail.


Drink Up

This can relieve fatigue, improve your mood, treat headaches and migraines, help with digestion, aide weight loss, flush out toxins, regulate body temperature, promote healthy skin, relieve hangovers, and beat bad breath. It’s water.

Not it’s time for the SHAPE 30 Day Water Challenge. The goal is to drink 64 ounces of water each day. Prairie Mountain’s staff is already beginning a school-wide challenge.

Here is a 30 Day Water Challenge Tracking Sheet that you can print to document your water consumption. And talk to your school’s SHAPE Champion to get a challenge going at your school.


Discount On Color Me Rad Run

The Color Me Rad Run is April 11th.  Anyone can use the code LALA to receive 15 % off of the online entry fee. This year every participant gets free pictures and a cool shirt with matching socks. SHAPE also has one free entry per site to give away. Ask the SHAPE Champion at your school about the free entry.