SHAPE is a grant-funded program designed to promote and foster health and wellness among Bethel School District employees. SHAPE seeks to address the primary health needs of physical activity, nutrition education and stress management through fun, rewarding and free activities open to all district staff.

SHAPE Mini-Grants

SHAPE is pleased to have provided funding to support the following initiatives to benefit Bethel staff throughout the district.
The mini-grants were judged by the following criteria:

  • Lend direct and immediate support to the health and well-being of school staff
  • Probability of effectiveness in improving the health and well-being of school staff
  • Sustainability of the project

These represent the final initiatives able to be supported by the 4 year SHAPE grant, courtesy of OEA Choice Trust.


2018 Funded SHAPE Mini-Grants

Bethel Health Center: Mental Health Skill Building. Responding to staff requests, SHAPE dollars are supporting a new proposal for a Stress Management Group for staff. It is designed with a professional therapist to be a skill-building group on how to better manage stress.  Think of it as a program similar to Weight Watchers or exercises classes, but this group will work to soothe the soul.

Prairie Mountain School: Yoga for All. Prairie Mountain is interested in inviting staff from all Bethel schools to take part in free weekly yoga classes. SHAPE will also be providing funding for incentives to encourage participation.  The classes will bring an opportunity for improved wellness to staff in the workplace, making the practice of regular exercise more accessible and affordable. All staff could benefit from practicing yoga to relieve stress and creating scheduled time for exercise.

Nutrition Services Department: Free Staff Gardening Workshop. Back by popular demand, this initiative needed a second class in the spring of 2017. In the Gardening Workshop, staff will take home all the materials needed to make their own beautiful culinary herb garden at home. They will receive a 6 pack of herbs, be offered a free tomato plant, munch on healthy snacks, and take home printed handouts with green thumb gardening tips. In the future the classes will be taught by the manager of the Bethel School District Farm as a way to introduce staff to The Farm and its resources.

100/1,000 Mile Clubs: This district-wide activity rewards staff members for being independently active. Gift cards to Starbucks, iTunes, Albertsons, Regal, Subway, Amazon, etc., are awarded when 100 “miles” of heart rate-increasing activity are tallied. A maximum of three gift cards are permitted per individual, but this self-starter program continues to be a popular choice.

Fairfield Elementary: Monthly Step Challenge. Using grant-funded pedometers, each month the school staff will be divided into teams with challenges to reach specified goals or to outstep their competitors. The idea is to mix up teams to maintain interest while building community throughout different groups of educators at the school who don’t normally get to work as teams. Incentives will also be used as rewards to encourage continued participation. Staff will also share their challenges with students so the children are aware of the teachers’ attempts to live a more healthy lifestyle.

Shasta Middle School: Rethink Your Drink Wellness Challenge. In spring 2017 Hydroflasks were provided for every staff member who was willing to take part in the challenge. SHAPE is supporting a renewal of this activity, as participants will track water consumption and earn points each week, with extra points given for those who replace soft drinks with water. Incentives will help maintain participation with the intent that the practice becomes habit.

Danebo Elementary: Staff Water Cooler. Danebo has been provided funds to purchase a staff water cooler and incentives to encourage all school staff to take part in school-wide challenges to drink water. They will track the amount of water consumed, providing an opportunity to check on progress of the challenges and encourage water as a choice over less healthy drinks.

Cascade Middle School: Healthy Snacks and Water Challenge. These staff members are repeating a successful school-wide staff challenge from the spring of 2017. The goal is to replace sugary/synthetic drinks with water, and encourage staff to eat healthy snacks. Incentives are being provided to encourage continued participation.

Malabon Elementary: Smoothing The Way. Staff were provided a Vitamix blender in spring 2017, and will be given additional incentives to continue their popular smoothie challenges. With a designated day each week being Green Smoothie Day, everyone who takes part is asked to document their smoothie on a nearby sheet, and challenge themselves and each other to meet consumption goals using healthy ingredients.

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