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Leguizamon-10/14/15: Algebra

HW:  pg 132 #55 (all parts)

Today in class, we got back the tests from yesterday.  We divided into three groups depending on the level the students scored on the test and then either worked on the distributive property or worked on reviewing concepts from the test.

A note on grading that caused some confusion for students today:  I do not grade on how many problems are correct out of the total.  I grade students on the types of errors or misunderstanding that their work shows.  If a student does not show any errors or misunderstandings, then the work will either meet or exceed the expectation for that standard.  If a student’s work shows an error or multiple errors, then depending on the error, I will assign a score of 0-2.5  (3 or above is meeting the standard).  The score assigned is based on the type of error.  An error that does not show any misunderstanding about the topic (maybe a math error accidentally saying that 7+5 = 35 instead of 12 and then basing the rest of the problem on that wrong answer) will be treated differently than an error that shows a misunderstanding about the concept  (for example, saying that 2x + 9 = 2(x+9)).

I cannot give a rating of “meets standard” to a student if their work shows a misunderstanding of the topic, even if they got most of the questions correct.  This is not a punishment, it is ensuring that students leave my class with the fullest understanding of a concept as possible.  As always, students may practice and retake any test.

Please feel free to contact me with questions.

Leguizamon-10/13/15: Algebra

Today in class we took a test on writing and evaluating expressions.  You should expect to get it back tomorrow.

HW:  pg 133 # 57, 59, 61, 63

Check your answers in the back of the book.  If you have questions about any of the problems, please ask during class time tomorrow.

Leguizamon- 10/5/15: Algebra

Today in class, we wrote equivalent expressions using different conventions for products and quotients of variable quantities.  We also looked at a basic examples of exponential notation.

HW:  pg 112 #39, 41, 45, 59.  Check your answers in the back of the book.

Leguizamon- 9/30/15: Algebra

Today we continued to look at graphs to determine if the relationship between the x and y quantities was directly related, inversely related, or neither.  We started a practice test on that topic.

For HW students should finish the practice test and bring it to class tomorrow to correct.  We will go over the answers and then at the end of class we will take an official version to test this skill.

Leguizamon- 9/28/15: Algebra

Today in class, we worked on lesson 2-1 part B, focusing on the concepts of two variable quantities being directly related or inversely related.

HW:  pg 100 # 19, 21.  Check answers in the back of the textbook.

Leguizamon- 9/22/15: Algebra

HW:  Finish at least one of the assigned problem sets from .

If you missed problem #1 (dividing fractions) or problem #2 (adding/subtracting integers) on the recent test, then definitely do one or both of those assignments.

If you got all three of the problems on the test correct, then work on a “work ahead” assignment.  All of the other assignments (not the division of fractions or the adding/subtracting integers) are “work ahead” assignments.

I will check the status of these assignments online.

If you do not have a computer or tablet, then you can use a smart phone to access the Ten Marks site.  I tried it myself and it works just fine. If you do not have access to any of those things, I am happy to work something out so you can use technology at school to do these types of assignments.

Leguizamon- Algebra: 9/18/15

Today we took an official assessment on some pre-requisite skills for the algebra class.  I plan to have the scores posted on Home Access Center by Monday.  Students may retake any assessment for full credit, so if you check a score and it is not up to the level you would like, then please see me for extra practice and help!

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