New Criterion and 4 Sample IA’s

Like I promised, here are the detailed criterion for the new IA vs the old IA. Make sure that you follow both 2 simple processes and 1 advance process to get full marks on the mathematical portion of the IA.

Original Criterion Handout

Here are 4 Sample IA’s That have been assessed. There is a score of 18, 17 and 6 for you to compare. Note that these are older version so you will have to do 2 simple mathematical processes and 1 advanced for full points.

Sample 1, Assessment Markup 1                              Score: 18   Type: Chi-Squared

Sample 2, Assessment Markup 2                              Score: 17   Type: Correlation

Sample 5, Assessment Markup 5                              Score: 17   Type: Chi-Squared

(Note sample 5 has 2 simple processes are carried out! This is a good example of what you can do)

Sample 14, Assessment Markup 14                          Score: 6   Type: Correlation

Let me know if you have any troubles with these. I had a small problem with #14 but I think its all good. Have a great snow day!!