IB Key for PS6 (CHAPTER 1) Review A & B: Functions (UPDATED)

Here is the Key of the Review. Thanks!

IB PS6 Chapter 1 Review KEY (Some problems are changed)

IB PS6 Chapter 1 Review A (2019-20) (Clean Copy – Slight edit)

Here is the B version of the review KEY

IB PS6 Chapter 1 Review B (2019-20) (Clean Copy)

IB PS6 Chapter 1 Review B Key (Slight changes)

If you wanna look at other graphs, see:

OLD IB PS6 Functions Review Key

ALG1 PS5: Systems – Notes so Far

Here are the notes from class so far. Some have my markings on them, but some don’t (forgot to hit save). Hopefully this will  be helpful. (THESE ARE FROM LAST YEAR)

ALG1 5.1 Systems of Eq, Graphing

ALG1 5.2 Solving systems with Substitution NOTED

ALG1 5.3 Solving systems of equations Elimination NOTED

Not there yet. ALG1 5.5 Word problems & choosing a method NOTED

Currently doing 5.4, systems of inequalities.


Yes. You are privileged to have a teacher who gives you a key for the final review so dog-on early!

Here it is. I’m giving you a clean pdf of the review without markups for those who like to go over it more than once. I changed a few things:

#1, 4b, 9, 10d-f, 11, 12 are different. I added Logic to the end as well. (SEE THE BOTTOM FOR THE CHANGES!)

IB S1 Final Review (2019-20)

And so the key represents the final I gave out, not the one above.

IB S1 Final Review (2016-17) Key

Yate’s will not be tested because we only have 1 hour to do the final. Have a good weekend! I’m going to be grading all of your tests. Yay!

2019-20 folks. This is slightly different, so we can talk Monday about the changes.