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Hey ya’ll and welcome to another exciting year of academics! I’m your host for IB Pre-Calculus, three sections of Algebra 1 and two sections of Geometry and am thrilled to meet all of you. Contact me at andrew.saputo@bethel.k12.or.us if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

2017 Exams and Markschemes

Here are the 2017 Exams for each time zone:

Paper 1:

Mathematical_studies_paper_1__TZ1_SL Mathematical_studies_paper_1__TZ1_SL_markscheme

Mathematical_studies_paper_1__TZ2_SL Mathematical_studies_paper_1__TZ2_SL_markscheme

Paper 2:

Mathematical_studies_paper_2__TZ1_SL Mathematical_studies_paper_2__TZ1_SL_markscheme

Mathematical_studies_paper_2__TZ2_SL Mathematical_studies_paper_2__TZ2_SL_markscheme

Exam Prep Links and Materials IMPORTANT!

Hello, THIS POST IS IMPORTANT: The exam is roughly 1 week away. I’ve told you about the other postings, I’ve shown you how to get there, and we will be holding study sessions all throughout this week. Here are some links to the other posts.

Here is the link to the Exam Topics 1- 7  With the mark schemes.


Here are some more Topic Specific Questions for extra prep.


This is Last years exams and the markscheme.

Mathematical studies paper 1

Mathematical studies paper 2

Mathematical studies paper 1 SL markscheme

Mathematical studies paper 2 SL markscheme

This is a Giant List of Exam questions from previous years.


Formula Booklet

If you would like any more resources, let me know and I can find more. I have a ton still so Let me know and I’ll accommodate.

Subject reports for 2014. TZ1

November subject report 2014


2013 Exams

May2013 TZ1 Paper 1
May2013 TZ1 Paper 2
May2013 TZ2 Paper 1
May2013 TZ2 Paper 2
Nov 2013 Paper 1
Nov 2013 Paper 2

Markschemes for 2013:

May2013 TZ1 Paper 2 MC
May2013 TZ2 Paper 1 MC
May2013 TZ2 Paper 2 MC
May2013 TZ1 Paper 1 MC
Nov 2013 Paper 1 MC
Nov 2013 Paper 2 MC

2012 Exams

May2012 TZ1 Paper 1
May2012 TZ1 Paper 2
May2012 TZ2 Paper 1
May2012 TZ2 Paper 2
Nov 2012 Paper 1
Nov 2012 Paper 2

Markschemes for 2012

May2012 TZ1 Paper 1 MC
May2012 TZ1 Paper 2 MC
May2012 TZ2 Paper 1 MC
May2012 TZ2 Paper 2 MCNov 2012 Paper 1 MC
Nov 2012 Paper 2 MC

2011 Exams

May2011 TZ1 Paper 1
May2011 TZ1 Paper 2
May2011 TZ2 Paper 1
May2011 TZ2 Paper 2Nov 2011 Paper 2

Markschemes for 2011

May2011 TZ1 Paper 1 MC
May2011 TZ1 Paper 2 MC
May2011 TZ2 Paper 1 MC
May2011 TZ2 Paper 2 MC
Nov 2011 Paper 2 MC

Good luck!!!

Exam Prep for Paper 1 & 2 and 2015 Exams!

Here are some mock question that are an excellent resource for the exam prep.


Here is a previous post full of exams and their mark schemes. including the formula booklet and other items.


Here are the most recent Paper 1 and Paper 2 from 2015.


Mathematical_studies_paper_1__TZ1_SL_2015 markscheme


Mathematical_studies_paper_1__TZ2_SL_2015 markscheme


Mathematical_studies_paper_2__TZ1_SL_2015 markscheme


Mathematical_studies_paper_2__TZ2_SL_2015 markscheme