ALG1 PS5: Systems – Notes so Far

Here are the notes from class so far. Some have my markings on them, but some don’t (forgot to hit save). Hopefully this will  be helpful. (THESE ARE FROM LAST YEAR)

ALG1 5.1 Systems of Eq, Graphing

ALG1 5.2 Solving systems with Substitution NOTED

ALG1 5.3 Solving systems of equations Elimination NOTED

Not there yet. ALG1 5.5 Word problems & choosing a method NOTED

Currently doing 5.4, systems of inequalities.

Welcome back ya’ll!

Another school year and another opportunity to learn and grow! I’m excited to have you in my class and this year is looking to be one of the best in decades! I’ll be updating this website frequently with information in all three of my classes. I am teaching:

IB Precalculus (IB Math Studies) – Periods 5 & 6 (join remind now, by texting 81010 the message “@ibpre1920”)

Geometry: Periods 2 & 8 (join remind now, by texting 81010 the message “@geome1920”)

Algebra 1 (S2): Periods 3 & 4.

I have a prep period 1st and 7th, where 7th is my PAT time for anyone to come in, second half of the period.

Just for fun, here is a picture of my daughter this summer. She is 1.6 years old. Have a good one and see you soon!