The Moon

One Year of the Moon in 2.5 Minutes

A video of the surface features of the moon taken by the lunar reconissance orbiter

Tour of the Moon

Ocean & Tides

Phases of the Moon

There is a documentary “If We Had No Moon” that aired on the Discovery Channel that explain the potential impact of not having the moon. You might be able to find it on DVD or one of the streaming services.


We watched Pole to Pole today in class. Here is the best I could find on Firedrive…

I have included a great trailer with Richard Attenborough covering “Wonderful World.” Definitely watch it full screen, in HD on a fast speed connection…

The Sun

Today we talked about The Sun and its impact on our solar system with specific emphasis on Gravity, Light (Radiation), and Solar Wind. Here is the video that we watched in class (Don’t forget your paragraph summary!). I have also included two other videos on that looks at the structure of the sun more and then a fly over by the ISS that shows the auroras.

Attack of the Sun

Inside Our Sun: A Deeper Look

Earth HD | Time Lapse View from Space, Fly Over

The Formation of the Solar System

The following is a video on the formation of the solar system…

Below is a protoplanet accreting. As shown in this picture, while they were forming in the solar nebula, the nucleii of the planets-to-be (called protoplanets) drew material to themselves from the cloud of gas and dust around them. The bigger protoplanets were able to attract even more gaseous material unto themselves. Because of it’s position in the solar nebula, the proto-Jupiter, was able to draw an enormous amount of gas unto itself, and become the biggest of the planets.

Measurement, Time, & The Scale of the Universe

The background music here is really annoying, but he does make quick work of the basic definitions.

If your math skills are good (think sin, cos, tan…) you may be interested in this definition of what a parsec is…

Cosmic Distances & Light Speed

The Scale of the Universe
The Scale of the Universe Interactive Applet

Light, Optics, and Telescopes


Atmosphere & Optical Telescopes

The following link will take you to a good history of telescopes.
Telescopes from the Ground Up

The next clip is from Orion (a telescope company) talking about how a telescope works.

This clip talks about the aperture of a telescope.

This clip talks about the focal length and focal ratio when buying a telescope.