Our next month in a nutshell

Just a few reminders:

-This week we have only a two day week. Please let me know if your child will not be at school one of the days this week if you haven’t already.

-The following week of November 27th is a 4 day week. We will be having grading day on that Friday. We will also be sending home your time for Student Led parent teacher conferences for the following week. Please be sure your child comes with you to conferences because they will be leading it.

-The week of December 4th is conference week. Monday through Wednesday are normal days. On Thursday we will have a half day for kids.

-Wednesday and Thursday of that week are conferences. Please remember if something comes up and you can’t make it, let me or the office know as soon as possible.

-The week of December 15th is a full week of school, and this will also be the final week of school before Winter break.

Important Dates to remember:

-November 28th is health screening. This day has been important in the past, especially with the vision screening. Please be sure your child is here that day.

-November 30th is our first Pride Assembly from 1:25-2pm.

-December 4th- Red Cross’ Pillowcase Project comes to fourth grade! We are beginning a big natural disaster unit in reading and research. They will be teaming with Disney to supply us with pillowcases for our emergency kits and tell us all about what we need in them.

-December 4th through the 15th we are working on showing Empathy in our school.

Have a great week! If you have questions or comments, please message me or email me at Amanda.zacharek@bethel.k12.or.us