Welcome to Room 17- Mrs. Zacharek’s Class!

Hello 4th graders and parents! We are going to have an amazing year here at Prairie Mountain!

A few reminders:

Students need to bring to school:

  • Water Bottles- Reusable water bottles are highly suggested in class. Preferably these will be not plastic water bottles that you buy filled with water at the store because they break down and become quite crinkly and loud. Water not only helps students hydrate and stay academically focused, but it also helps with less illnesses through the school year. 
  • PE Shoes- I will give you a list of our PE days as soon as I have that.
  • Layers of clothing. The classroom temperature can vary from other classrooms and from outside. Please wear/bring layers.
  • Deodorant in Backpacks- 4th grade gets stinky! With many kids in the classroom and a lot of physical changes and activity I suggest students bring a small travel size deodorant to put in their backpacks. 
  • Backpacks


Students need to leave at home:

  • Fidget Spinners- We do not allow these at school because they are less of a tool and more of a toy.
  • Toys of any kind, unless bringing for sharing days, are to stay home. 
  • Phones, unless completely powered off (not just silenced) and put in backpack. We are not allowing phones out before school in the creek. They may be taken out when students get all the way outside after school. 
  • Electronic devices- Please leave ipods, gaming systems, and tablets all at home. Students may not play with these at all before, during, or after school. 

Important parent notes:

  • October 20th- Our class is signed up to run the popcorn day from 8am to noon. We need 2-3 parent volunteers in order to run this. Please let Mrs. Z. know if you would be able to volunteer.
  • Please fill out the parent volunteer form at this link. We do many field trips this year, so we need many volunteers. Even if you are unsure if you are able to go at this point, fill this out just in case.
  • Please link up with Class Dojo. I will give you our class code as soon as I get those printed for each student.

If you have any questions about this, feel free to email me at amanda.zacharek@bethel.k12.or.us



Mrs. Zacharek