SRTS Coordinator

Safe Routes to School is a program helping to create safe, convenient and encouraging activities for Bethel students to walk, roll and bike to and from schools. This is important for the health and safety of our students while contributing to our community’s livability.

Bethel works to increase physical activity while improving walking and bicycling conditions throughout the district in partnership with our local officials. Program elements of Safe Routes to School are based upon national best practices related to the 6 E’s. Continue reading

Want to make a smoothie while getting some exercise at the same time ? You can with the Bethel Bike Blender, it is easy and fun. Use the Blender for your next school activity or special event. Contract SRTS Coordinator for more information

Bicycle Safety Education is a two week class that offers students the chance to learn basic traffic laws, equipment opeartion, helmet fitting and bicycle handling skills.

Students learn through classroom instruction and simulated traffic examples, and the class ends with a neighborhood ride in which students put their knowledge and skills to the road test.

For the 2016-17 school year Bethel offered 14 classes in seven schools and taught 447 students this life-long skill.

Isaac Johnson of Ding Ding Cycles is the lead instructor for the Bethel Bike Lab.

The Bethel Bike Lab is a partnership between the Safe Routes to School program and the City of Eugene’s RecZone after school program. Located at Cascade Middle School, the Bethel Bike Lab is a one-day-a-week after school program, consisting of a one hour bike ride followed by one hour of basic bicycle maintenance.

Through this class, middle school students learn the bicycle rules of the road, riding skills and then practical  basic maintenance techniques.

Students have the opportunity to earn their own refurbished bike through active participation and attendance in the class.  During the class, bicycles and helmets are provided for students. For more information contact the Peterson Barn RecZone program.

A group of children walking to school with one or more adults is called a Walking School Bus.
Clear Lake Elementary principal John Luhman showed how easy it is by inviting students to walk to school with him.
For help forming your neighborhood or school’s own Walking School Bus contact Bob Beals, Bethel School District’s Safe Routes to School Coordinator:

Bethel School District offers a two day class for Second Graders that teaches safe pedestrian travel.

District-wide there were 11 second grade classes in which 299 students learned the following rhyme:

  • STOP every time at the edge of the street.
  • USE your head before your feet.
  • MAKE sure you hear every sound.
  • LOOK left, look right, look all around.

Meadow View students registered for raffle prizes and special incentives for taking part in Walk and Roll Challenge.

Congratulations to the 7 Bethel Schools who participated in the 2017 Walk and Roll Challenge.

During the week of May 8-12 schools encouraged their students to get to school on their own power.

Meadow View School took the challenge of a full-week challenge while Irving, Danebo, Clear Lake, Malabon, Prairie Mountain and Cascade participated in a day of walking and rolling.




Students throughout the district took part in the Challenge, and all of them received incentives courtesy of Safe Routes to School.


Incentives offered to students included raffle drawings for helmets, razor scooters, reflective shoe laces, bike lights and locks.

One student from each participating school was entered into a district-wide raffle that included a $400 gift certificate to Bicycle Way of Life.

Prairie Mountain’s Jacob Steiner was the winner of the $400 drawing, and Danebo’s Sophie Paddock and Cascade’s Aiden Bergstrom each won UO Duck Store $15 gift cards.