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This week a full week of school with Back to School Night/Taco Bar on Thursday at 5:30pm. Have a great week!


It’s hard to believe that we are over half-way through the first trimester! Mid-term reports were sent home with students at the end of last week. If you haven’t seen your student’s progress report yet, please request to see it from your student. Below is table included in the letter that was sent with the IPRs to explain the middle school grading scale. I’m so proud of the work many students have already made!


Overall Course Grades At–a-Glance
Grade Meaning Average of Learning Target Tests Informal Score Description  
Exceeds Course Learning Targets 3.75-4.00 All or mostly all 4’s  
Meets or Exceeds Course Learning Targets 3.25-3.74 Mix of mostly 3’s and 4’s  
Generally Meets Course Learning Targets 2.75-3.24 All or mostly all 3’s  
Generally Does Not Meet Course Learning Targets 2.00-2.74 Mix of mostly 2’s and 3’s  
Does Not Meet Course Learning Targets 0.00-1.99 Mix of mostly 1’s and 2’s



From Make, Take and Teach

From Make, Take and Teach

Tip #1:  Visit your local library! Help your child find “right fit” books. Right fit books are books that are of high interest to your child and are not beyond their reading level. You can use the five finger test to determine if the book is too difficult for your child. Open the book to a page with many words. Have your child begin reading the text. Hold up a finger for each word he/she does not know. If you have 4 or 5 fingers up, the text may be too difficult for your child to read independently. Feel free to still check out the book!  It just may be a book you want to read with your child. This technique can also be used with books at home!

Tip #2:  Be sure your child reads at least 20 minutes a day. According to research, a child who reads only 1 minute a day outside of school will learn 8,000 words by the end of sixth grade where a student who reads 20 minutes outside of school will learn 1,800,000 words! That’s huge! If reading isn’t one of your child’s top priorities, you may need to set up an incentive program over the summer.

Tip #3:  Read to your child. When you read to your child, he/she hears the rhythm of language. Be sure to read with expression! Changing your voice for the different characters in the story and increasing volume for exciting parts are only a few ways to make reading interesting.

Tip #4:  Read with your child. Explore different types of reading, like poetry for example. For our little ones, poetry is great way to improve phonemic awareness skills as poetry often incorporates rhyme. For our older children, poetry is a means of improving fluency.

Hi Families,

Mid-term grades for the second trimester will be posted as of January 18th. Please be sure to check in with your student, Home Access Center, and your student’s teachers if you have any questions or concerns.

Hope your new year is off to a great start,

Ms. DeLay

Hi families,

I’m anxiously preparing for my return back to the classroom as of November 2nd! I have enjoyed my time with my little one for the past 3 months, but I’m looking forward to getting back to school and working with my students. My long-term sub, Chelsea Willoughby, will be missed and I appreciate all the hard work she did to keep these students engaged and excited about learning. As a heads-up, I will not be available during my lunch to work with students as I’m a nursing mother. I encourage students to come in after school and utilize our Eagle Studies program on Mondays and Thursdays, if possible.

I can’t wait to begin working and learning with my students! If families have any questions or concerns, please reply to this post or email me at

I can’t believe how fast this year has gone! Today is the last Eagle Studies for this school year. Students who have been attending our after-school homework club on Mondays and Wednesdays will need to head home after school. Any re-proofing or re-teaching opportunities need to happen during lunch or on my prep period (6th period).

Interim Progress Reports are being sent home this week. Please check in with your student and make sure they are caught up on their school work. Remember, Eagle Studies is every Monday and Wednesday after school until 3:10pm. If your student would like to participate in this after school program, please reply to this post.

This is the official webpage for Ms. DeLay’s 6th grade Language Arts and Social Studies classes. Check in frequently for any new information and upcoming activities. Thanks for checking out my page!                            w-asia