Math Help


Here are a few links to help you help your child understand our new math curriculum, Eureka Math (EngageNY)

YouTube Help Lesson by Lesson
My new favorite resource, YouTuber/Teacher Duane Habacker has made videos specific to each lesson of each module.
Just go to the playlist for the current lessons for specific homework help!
This website explains Common Core and the Eureka Math program, and provides some resources for parents.
This website shows examples of the homework and provides parents with answer keys.
This website is an amazing help! Select our current module and easily access videos and homework  help for each lesson!
Another new resource with videos & specific homework help!
Select the current module and lesson from the list on the right side of the page to find helpful videos for nightly homework!
This website will allow you access to our math program online. You will be able to download in PDF format the different modules (units) that we are working on in class.
This site does not show you the answers for the math homework but does show you the teacher’s guide as well as the answers/explanations for the in class work that we have done.

An Article About the “New Math” Perspective by Brett Berry
An interesting article that is helpful in regards to Common Core math. It explains why math looks different but relates to what adults may have learned as students. Please understand that this just one perspective and I am sharing because it is thought provoking.


Many other resources and videos can be found with a simple internet search as well. If you find a particularly helpful resource, please let me know so I may share it here for other parents to use.