Bethel Google Suite: Start Here

Welcome to the Bethel Google Suite support page. Use the resources on this site to learn the ins and outs of Google Suite. If you have questions or comments, email Regina Ligon.

Bethel Google Suite is a group of Google applications that are accessible to Bethel staff and students. Bethel Suite allows sharing of documents as well as the ability to access your account from Internet computer.

First things first. If you are a Bethel employee and do not have a Bethel Google account, please email Regina Ligon. If you are a student and do not have an account, check in at the school office or with a teacher to get assistance.

Once your account is in place, you can log in by clicking on the Bethel Docs Login at the left. For staff, your user id is your Bethel email address ( For students, your user ID is your school 2 or 3 letter abbreviation (cl, cms, dan, ff, irv, khs, mal, mv, pm, sms and whs) + So Toni Caleogh would be

Here are links to help you get the most out of Bethel’s Google Suite:

Google DriveGoogle Docs
Google Teacher CenterMore Google Docs Basics

Google Forms
Google Sheets
Google Slides
Google Classroom
Google Sites