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Small BiTES 12: Jeopardy!

Eric Curts (Ctrl Alt Achieve) has some wonderfully amazing resources for classroom teachers engaging students with technology. Here’s one that you can consume in a couple of BiTES: Jeopardy Google Slideshow. Eric has a template for you to copy and then add your own questions and answers.

The slideshow is all set up to work just like TV’s Jeopardy. Simply project it to the screen in your classroom and you can be Alex Trebek!

Small BiTES 11: Slick Tricks on a Chromebook

Dark ChocolateHere are some slick trick shortcuts for you and your students using Chromebooks. Logging out or locking the screen shortcuts are great security measures for students to learn and use:

Alt + 1-8  Launch applications located on Chrome OS’s “shelf,” or task bar.

Alt + [  Dock a window to the left side of your screen.

Search + L  Lock your Chromebook’s screen.

Ctrl + Shift + Q  Twice to log out of your Chromebook.

Alt + E  Open the Chrome browser’s menu.

Ctrl + Shift and the + or – sign to resize the browser window.

Ctrl + Shift + ? To review these shortcuts and see some more shortcuts.




Small BiTES 10: Google Classroom Upgrade

There is  a change to Google Classroom beginning today, April 17, 2019.

From April 17, 2019, any new classes created in Classroom will experience new ordering rules on the Classwork page. New topics or items posted to the Classwork page in these new classes will start to appear at the top of the page instead of the bottom. Google made this change to improve the user experience of Classroom based on teacher feedback. This feature will not be supported by versions of the mobile app which are older than 2.2019.06301 on iOS and on Android.

Users running mobile versions of the Classroom app older than the above mentioned versions will not see the order they set on Classroom web for their Classwork pages in new classes within the mobile apps. Additionally, assignments posted via these older mobile app versions, will not post to the top of the page.

To enable your mobile devices to view the new ordering on mobile, please update your devices (via the Play and App Stores) so that they are running the latest versions of the Android and iOS apps.

Small BiTES 9: Kahoot!

SpiderTake a few minutes each week and have some fun with your students and their Chromebooks. Here is a quick and easy way to engage students.

Kahoot! Some of you have used this online educational game environment with iPads; but you can also play Kahoot! on Chromebooks, desktops or with just the teacher projecting the game. New to Kahoot!? Sign up here for a BLIS class April 10.

Kahoot! is a highly motivating activity for students K through 12. You can use Kahoot! with one to one Chromebooks or teams of students sharing Chromebooks. Kahoot! has hundreds of pre-made quizzes or you can create your own. Either way, kids love the competition.

Kahoot! –

Small BiTES 8: Tips for Using Chromebooks with Students

Hot Cross Buns

Bethel Chromebooks are spreading like wildfire! Okay, bad metaphor. How about “Chromebooks are spreading like butter on a hot cross bun!” Better.

Here are four tips that might encourage you to use Chromebooks in the classroom by making them easier to manage.

Tip 1: Unlike logging into a Bethel Google account on a standard laptop or desktop computer, logging in on a Chromebook is done when you turn it on and requires only the first part of the user ID (e.g., whs.lopez.rosalia). The “” is already in place. Once logged into the Chromebook, users have immediate access to their Bethel Google Suite accounts.

Tip 2: Assign students to specific Chromebooks. This helps reduce damage to Chromebooks as students are aware you know which devices they are using.

Tip 3: Have one or two responsible students stand at the cart at the end of class to check-in Chromebooks. This makes the process more efficient, allows the Chromebooks to be examined for damage and avoids a mob scene at the cart just as class is dismissed.

Tip 4: Have fun with the Chromebooks! Word processing for 45 to 90 minutes at a time can be a drag. Throwing in a fun, short activity occasionally lightens things up and can even help you sneak in a learning experience. Watch for Small BiTES 9 next week for some examples of fun with Chromebooks.

Small BiTES 7: Chromebook Tips

With more and more Chromebooks showing up in Bethel classrooms, we’ll be sharing over the next few weeks some tips for making these devices easier to use and more powerful:

Tip 1: The Magnifying Glass Key: Tap the magnifying glass key on the left side of the keyboard to bring up the search screen. Type “Docs” and there’s a quick link to the user’s Google Suite documents. Try “Slides”, “Sheets”, “Forms” or “Drive” to go right to these applications. The little “0” at the left in task bar does the same thing.

Tip 2: Google Chromebooks have ADA accessibility resources built right into them. Tap the magnifying glass key and type “Settings” in the search field. Tap on the settings gear wheel then scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “Advanced”. Under “Accessibility” and “Manage accessibility features” you’ll find a plethora of resources to modify the Chromebook and the Chrome browser to meet specific ADA needs.

Small Bites 6: Best To-Do List

Five years ago I was wading through three or four digital to-do lists none of which seemed to meet my needs. Then I found Wunderlist and I’m still using it!

Wunderlist is a great app for managing and organizing your tasks as well as setting reminders and sharing tasks with others. The Wunderlist app is free and available on Mac, PC, iOS, Android and the Web.

When you install your Wunderlist on different devises, it syncs automatically. So no matter what device you are using, phone, tablet or computer, you’ll see your up-to-date lists.

Wunderlist gives you ways to organized your life by category and importance. You can star certain tasks then show just the starred items. Or you  can see tasks by category or by date due.

Before I start my day, I review my Wunderlists and star the ones I want to focus on that day. I have four categories including Work, Personal, Books to Read and Passwords. I don’t include any critical passwords like bank accounts, but do include the ninety-eleven other ones that I can never remember.

Learn more at the Wunderlist Web site.

Small BiTES 5: Choose Your Own Adventure

Here are two ways to use Google with students in Grades K-8 by creating Choose Your Own Adventure stories. For younger students, Choose Your Own Adventure might mean the teacher writes the story and then students read or are read the story and get to choose which paths to take. For older students, a Choose Your Own Adventure story might be an individual assignment or a team activity. Or maybe older students create stories for younger students.

Below is a link to the directions for creating a Choose Your Own Adventure Google Slides from Richard Byrne. Below that are step-by-step directions from Eric Curts to create a Choose Your Own Adventure using Google Docs.

How to Create a Choose Your Own Adventure: Google Slides

How to Create a Choose Your Own Adventure: Google Docs

Give it a try: Create a very simple Choose Your Own Adventure Story using Google Docs or Google Slides and share it in the comments below. If you decide to have your students give it a try, share those as well.

Small BiTES 4: Google Classroom Classwork Page

Small BiTES are weekly, easy to digest, bits of information about instructional technology.


Classwork Pages are new to Google Classroom this school year and are a great way for teachers to organize assignments. If you don’t see the Classwork tab at the top of your Google Classroom class, follow this link to learn how to activate it: Adding/Deleting Google Classroom Classwork Pages

With the Classwork Page you can now organize your curriculum assignments, using topics, into units or modules, and reorder work to match your class sequence.

Reordering assignments lets you, not Google, determine which assignment students see first.  It is now easy to just drag and drop assignments in any order you like.

Follow this link to find out more about Classwork Pages.

Chew and swallow.