Welcome to Fall!

What a wonderful start to Kindergarten this year! We are having such a great time getting to know your children as they make new friends and learn how to be Irving Tigers. These first few weeks of school we have focused on the basics of manners and friendship. There are a lot of names to learn, so don’t be surprised if your child talks about playing with friends but can’t remember their names yet. Every day is busy with many academic jobs to do as we begin to learn the letters of the alphabet and how to count and write numbers. Next week we will get to explore the tastes of autumn as we sample different apple varieties and have a cool drink of apple cider from local farms.

As a reminder, PTO has sent out order forms for our school fundraiser and Popcorn Day. Please double check the dates for those order forms to be returned to school! PTO is also partnering with Cub Scout Pack 52 this year to assemble birthday boxes to distribute to families in need. You can contribute cake mix (McFarland) or disposable cake pans (Bratland) by dropping them off in the front office or at the classroom.


Ms. McFarland and Mrs. Bratland

Parent Conferences Coming Soon!

Conference confirmation slips will be coming home in your child’s red folder on Monday. PLEASE double check that the day and time you are scheduled for is correct – or at least as close to your preferred time as we could make it! We try our best to accommodate each family but sometimes we simply have too many families requesting one time slot and have to adjust as needed.

At your child’s conference you can expect to receive their first report card, a brief update on how they are progressing academically and socially, and additional information on skills to work on at home. If your child receives Title I Reading or Special Education services, you will also receive a brief report from our academic specialists.

PLEASE CALL US DIRECTLY TO RESCHEDULE if you feel that you require more than 15 minutes to conference or if you need to cancel. We can often arrange to conference on a different day/time or by phone if you let us know as soon as possible.

Thank you so much for a great year so far! We’re looking forward to seeing you again next week at our Kindergarten Music Show!


Ms. McFarland and Mrs. Bratland

Open House is this week!

Wow! September flew by and here we are almost through October! The children have made such wonderful progress in using their friendship skills and learning how to be members of our school community. Please join us this Wednesday, October 24th, for our Irving Open House. Dinner will be served from 5:15-6:15 pm in the cafeteria. Come meet Mr. Bridgens, our principal, and Mrs. Dilworth, our Title I Reading Specialist, from 6:15-6:30. Then come on down to Kindergarten where your child will be glad to give you a tour of some of the activities we are working on each day from 6:30-7:00 pm. We hope to see you there!


Ms. McFarland and Mrs. Bratland

Welcome to Kindergarten at Irving!

Welcome Irving Families!

With the switch to online registration this year we will be meeting many of our new students for the first time at our Meet the Teacher event on Thursday, August 30th from 4:45-5:30 p.m. Our fabulous Irving PTO will also be hosting a BBQ that evening with food, drinks, and games for everyone to enjoy!

A few tips for the first day of school…

*We will have a sign-in table outside the kindergarten classrooms to make sure each child gets a name tag and a photo of their first day. We will also confirm your child’s transportation plan for the end of the school day before you leave.

*Please make sure your child wears comfortable clothes and shoes. The weather may be hot and we will be out on the playground several times during the day.

*We will have lunch in the cafeteria – exciting! The menu is posted online here and paper copies are available in the front office.

*Kindergarten lines up along the wall across from Jesse’s Memorial Garden by the flag pole at the end of the school day. We teach the children to “let our families come to us” so that children do not become separated from our group in the rush at the end of the day. We will give your child a High 5 to let them know that we see you and they are ready to go home. Don’t worry if you are running late or need extra time to find a parking spot! We typically wait at our line-up space until 2:35 and then go to the front office to keep cool (or dry, or warm, depending on the season!)

*The After School Club, which operates daycare and preschool on the Irving campus, is offering a childcare option for Smart Start. For more information and to contact them directly: Smart Start Irving 2017

We are so very excited to meet all of you and are looking forward to a fantastic school year!


Ms. McFarland and Mrs. Bratland

Fall Fun at School

Wow! The busy autumn days are flying by faster than the leaves are falling off the trees!

This Friday, October 27th, our fantastic Irving PTO invites all Irving families to join us for the Monster Mash Bingo Bash from 6:00-8:00 p.m. in the cafeteria. There will be hot dogs for purchase, crafts, bingo, dancing, and prizes to win! All proceeds from the Bingo Bash support student activities at our school that are funded through PTO. Hope to see you there!

All next week we will be enjoying five days of fun with “Spirit Days” instead of a traditional costume day on Tuesday, October 31st. Your child can choose to participate in one or all of the Spirit Days to show their Irving Spirit!

Monday – crazy socks day (Don’t have crazy socks? Turn your socks inside out!)

Tuesday – hat day

Wednesday – pajama day (Please make sure pajamas are appropriate for school and the playground!)

Thursday – crazy hair day

Friday – Team spirit/Irving spirit (Favorite team or school colors)


Ms. McFarland and Mrs. Bratland

“Fall” Into Kindergarten!

Happy autumn everyone! Just a few quick updates for this week…

Kindergarten is off to a fantastic start and the children have settled in to our daily routine. Each week we are enjoying learning time in the classroom and experiencing new things in Music, P.E., and Library. We also had our first popcorn day of the year! If you would still like to pre-pay for a popcorn bag just send me a note and I can send the PTO signup form home with your child.

Speaking of popcorn….our awesome PTO volunteers are always looking for more helpers. The next popcorn day is Wednesday, October 11th and you can contact PTO to volunteer.

The monthly newsletter for our classroom will be coming home in your child’s folder next week. It has some information about what we’re learning in the month of October and info about various other classroom happenings. Feel free to call, email, or send a note if you have a question about any of the newsletter items.


Ms. McFarland

Welcome to Kindergarten!

Welcome Families!

It was such a pleasure to meet so many of our newest Irving Tigers at the Meet the Teacher event! For those of you who didn’t have a chance to stop by, here are a few reminders for your child’s first day of school…

*Please check-in at our kindergarten table before coming into the classroom. We want to be sure your child has his/her name tag and that we confirm your transportation plans before you say goodbye for the day.

*We will be going outside for recess so please make sure your child is wearing clothes and shoes that are comfortable for playing on the playground.

*We will also be having lunch in the cafeteria – please make sure your child can open most of his/her own lunch items if your child is bringing a lunch from home.

Thank you again for helping to make the start of this new school year so inspiring! We are looking forward to meeting with you again at conferences on Thursday and Friday.


Ms. McFarland & Mrs. Bratland

Spring Show and Tellapalooza!

Our Show & Tell series has been so much fun! Highlights from this spring include…

Daniel brought a copy of Rainbow Fish and the Big Blue Whale. This book is very special to him because he likes the illustrations. He also showed the class how there are seven words in the title and two characters drawn on the front cover.

Khloe told us all about some of her favorite stuffed animals that keep her cozy at bedtime. Her favorite animals are Lily, the pink and purple giraffe, and Princess, a kitty with sparkles on her eyes.

Nikolay brought some Bakugan toys and cards from his collection. The Bakugan balls pop open to make action figures. Nikolay’s brother gave the Bakugan balls to him and he likes how one of the figures has a diamond symbol on his chest.

Tobias brought a deck of cards.  He plays two or three rounds of Slapjack before bedtime because it is his favorite game. Tobias enjoys playing card games like Slapjack and Go Fish and he would like to teach the other children how to play those games, too.

Layla brought a picture ballerina, which is a stuffed animal doll with the face of a picture frame so you can put a picture in it. It is special because she sleeps with it. She likes that it has a bow and a pink dress and cute slippers.

Makenna brought her Charm U collection to share with the class. A Charm U is a small charm that you can hook on a bracelet. Only the 8 packs come with a chocolate. If you get a sticker you can put it on a checklist so you know what you have them. There are little logos that come in the 8-packs and 4-packs. They also come with bracelets. She has a poster to record which charms she has.

Natalie brought a  stuffed elephant to share. Her elephant is also named Natalie! She loves to snuggle with her elephant because it is very soft. We measured Natalie the Elephant and discovered that she is about one foot tall.

Alek brought photos of himself on a family trip to Disneyland. Alek had a lot of fun going on rides. He also tried a beignet, which is a treat made of dough and powdered sugar! Alek also got to meet Curious George and have his picture taken.

Layton brought a special toy car in a display box. The doors open, the hood opens, and his mom bought it for him. He chose to bring it because it is special to him, and it’s worth a lot of money. Layton told us that his brother also has a car like this one, but it is black, and that they like playing with their cars.

Bryson brought a wooden top that his family gave him as a souvenir on a trip to Mexico. Bryson explained how the top can come apart and be put back together. He also showed how the top can spin really fast for a long time! Jen helped to time Bryson’s top spinning on the table and it spun for 59 seconds before it fell onto the floor. Wow!

Andrew brought a plushy named Toothless.  Andrew likes Toothless because he has seen the How To Train Your Dragon movies and likes those a lot! He thinks Toothless is very friendly and he likes that it is a black dragon that is soft enough to hug and sleep with at night.

Liliana brought a Dragon Hatchimal. She told us that it has wings, it can move, and it can flap it’s wings. It also sings songs. She showed us how it eats and the funny eating sounds it makes and then she had to burp it!

We also had two special Show & Tell times when Eden‘s mommy brought Tilly, the Americana chicken, to class to tell us more about the life cycle of a chicken. We learned some fun facts such as the different colors that eggshells can be, what chickens eat (they are omnivores!), and how much fun it can be to raise chickens at home. Desmond‘s mommy brought Hershey and Marshmallow, two Holland Lop rabbits, to class to tell us more about what it is like to raise bunnies as pets. We learned some cool facts about Holland Lops such as why they are called “lops” (those long soft ears!), how they are curious and like to play, and the children got to feed them some dandelions from the playground as a yummy bunny treat!

Many thanks to the children (and their families!) for presenting such interesting items to share and enjoy!


Ms. McFarland & Ms. Rutherford

Square 1 Art Fundraiser

Spring is just around the corner – hooray! Last week we sent your child’s artwork (what we call “the fishy picture”) home for you to preview. We almost feel like we’re on a tropical vacation looking at these awesome colorful fish! If you would like to order additional items featuring your child’s artwork, our PTO has more information for you:

“Square 1 Art fundraising orders are due Wednesday, March 22If ordering online, go to www.square1art.com/shop and enter the access code found on the back of the catalogue that was sent home with your student last week. Remember, the class with the most dollars collected per student will get a Classroom Frozen Yogurt Party! This is a great way to support your school and show your child how much you love their artwork. If you have misplaced your catalogue: please email jenecajones@yahoo.com for your student’s code. This annual fundraiser supports the Irving Elementary PTO. Thanks for your participation!”


Ms. McFarland and Ms. Rutherford

The 21st Annual Kindergarten Tea Party!

This Thursday, March 2nd is our 21st Annual Kindergarten Tea Party. Thank you to all of the families who donated items to make our tea party a tasty success. Special thanks also go to the University of Oregon Catering Department for donating the fancy dishes we are using for tea time.

We are looking forward to greeting all of our guests that day! In case you missed the schedule that went home:

12:30   Guests begin to arrive – Welcome!

1:15      Everyone is seated for tea, finger sandwiches, and cookies

1:45     Tea party concludes – Thank you for coming!

You are welcome to take your child home early after the tea party, but please be sure to sign out in the front office before you leave campus. If you would like to stay til the end of the day we will have several small chores to be done to clean up and put away all of the many tables and chairs.

We are looking forward to seeing you!


Ms. McFarland & Ms. Rutherford

  • News from Malabon
    Hello Malabon Families, Please click on the link below to read about State Testing dates for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade as well as a new Curbside Meal Pick Up Schedule.
  • News from Malabon
    Hello Malabon Families, Please click on the link below to read about State Testing dates for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade as well as a new Curbside Meal Pick Up Schedule.