Spring Show and Tellapalooza!

Our Show & Tell series has been so much fun! Highlights from this spring include…

Daniel brought a copy of Rainbow Fish and the Big Blue Whale. This book is very special to him because he likes the illustrations. He also showed the class how there are seven words in the title and two characters drawn on the front cover.

Khloe told us all about some of her favorite stuffed animals that keep her cozy at bedtime. Her favorite animals are Lily, the pink and purple giraffe, and Princess, a kitty with sparkles on her eyes.

Nikolay brought some Bakugan toys and cards from his collection. The Bakugan balls pop open to make action figures. Nikolay’s brother gave the Bakugan balls to him and he likes how one of the figures has a diamond symbol on his chest.

Tobias brought a deck of cards.  He plays two or three rounds of Slapjack before bedtime because it is his favorite game. Tobias enjoys playing card games like Slapjack and Go Fish and he would like to teach the other children how to play those games, too.

Layla brought a picture ballerina, which is a stuffed animal doll with the face of a picture frame so you can put a picture in it. It is special because she sleeps with it. She likes that it has a bow and a pink dress and cute slippers.

Makenna brought her Charm U collection to share with the class. A Charm U is a small charm that you can hook on a bracelet. Only the 8 packs come with a chocolate. If you get a sticker you can put it on a checklist so you know what you have them. There are little logos that come in the 8-packs and 4-packs. They also come with bracelets. She has a poster to record which charms she has.

Natalie brought a  stuffed elephant to share. Her elephant is also named Natalie! She loves to snuggle with her elephant because it is very soft. We measured Natalie the Elephant and discovered that she is about one foot tall.

Alek brought photos of himself on a family trip to Disneyland. Alek had a lot of fun going on rides. He also tried a beignet, which is a treat made of dough and powdered sugar! Alek also got to meet Curious George and have his picture taken.

Layton brought a special toy car in a display box. The doors open, the hood opens, and his mom bought it for him. He chose to bring it because it is special to him, and it’s worth a lot of money. Layton told us that his brother also has a car like this one, but it is black, and that they like playing with their cars.

Bryson brought a wooden top that his family gave him as a souvenir on a trip to Mexico. Bryson explained how the top can come apart and be put back together. He also showed how the top can spin really fast for a long time! Jen helped to time Bryson’s top spinning on the table and it spun for 59 seconds before it fell onto the floor. Wow!

Andrew brought a plushy named Toothless.  Andrew likes Toothless because he has seen the How To Train Your Dragon movies and likes those a lot! He thinks Toothless is very friendly and he likes that it is a black dragon that is soft enough to hug and sleep with at night.

Liliana brought a Dragon Hatchimal. She told us that it has wings, it can move, and it can flap it’s wings. It also sings songs. She showed us how it eats and the funny eating sounds it makes and then she had to burp it!

We also had two special Show & Tell times when Eden‘s mommy brought Tilly, the Americana chicken, to class to tell us more about the life cycle of a chicken. We learned some fun facts such as the different colors that eggshells can be, what chickens eat (they are omnivores!), and how much fun it can be to raise chickens at home. Desmond‘s mommy brought Hershey and Marshmallow, two Holland Lop rabbits, to class to tell us more about what it is like to raise bunnies as pets. We learned some cool facts about Holland Lops such as why they are called “lops” (those long soft ears!), how they are curious and like to play, and the children got to feed them some dandelions from the playground as a yummy bunny treat!

Many thanks to the children (and their families!) for presenting such interesting items to share and enjoy!


Ms. McFarland & Ms. Rutherford

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