Show and Tell ~ February 17

Our Show & Tell series continues to bring many special treasures to share with highlights from the presentations in Ms. McFarland’s classroom on February 17th including…

Graham brought 2 model cars. There was a red one and a blue one. Graham built both cars by himself! The blue car also came with stickers. The cars are not zoom cars that go by themselves when you pull them back, but they are still very fun to roll.

Mei Li brought a stuffed owl named Feathers. Her father gave Feathers to her because she cleaned her room. Mei Li told us “I tried to make a nest for her with a blanket. Feathers stays in my bed when I’m at school or sleeping.  One time I let my kitten Whiskers play with Feathers but I took Feathers away at night time because she sleeps in my bed. ”

Many thanks to the children (and their families!) for presenting such interesting items to share and enjoy!


Ms. McFarland & Ms. Rutherford

Show and Tell ~ February 10

Our Kindergarten students are getting a chance to be front and center in our brand new Show & Tell series that began last week! Highlights from the presentations in Ms. McFarland’s classroom on February 10th include…

Korbyn told us about his trophy. It has a football in it with a sign on the bottom. It’s the biggest one he’s gotten so far. It is shiny and has the date and his name in shiny words. He loves it because it is shiny and looks cool. He earned the trophy for being very good at holding the football in his armpit.

Addie brought some shells. She told us that she brought in three shells. One of them her grandma gave to her. It’s a scratchy shell and feels like it has a picture on it. Her dad bought one of them a long time ago when he was a baby, and gave it to her. The big shell was from her great granny who passed away. She loved shell collecting.  Sometimes when you move your finger along the shell edge it makes a noise. The big shell does not make sound when you put your finger on it, but it sounds like the ocean when you put it up to your ear. These are special to her because her family gave them to her.

Bentley brought a Rock and Roll Batman.  He has a new helmet, a guitar, and cool spiky shoulders. It is special to him because he’s from a new movie: LEGO Batman, and he’s never had a rock and roll Batman before. This Batman is cool because his guitar is black and white and he has black gloves and cool boots, and he has a rock and roll face (all the children laughed). Bentley told us that this Batman might be hard to find because the mini-bags don’t tell you what you well get. At home he also has Butler Batman and Jail Joker.

Many thanks to the children (and their families!) for presenting such interesting items for our first Show & Tell! And a special thank you to the Marinacci family for offering to act as our note takers for the presentations. Check back next week for the next installment in our series!


Ms. McFarland & Ms. Rutherford

Introducing Typing Agent

Dear Families,

We are excited to inform you that Irving PTO has purchased licenses for every K-5 student to access Typing Agent, a 100% web-based program that teaches keyboarding skills. Typing Agent has hundreds of lessons and reinforces learning to type with fun and exciting games and quests for students to enjoy.

Look for a parent letter and student log-in card to come home next week explaining how to get started with Typing Agent at home. We hope your child will enjoy using Typing Agent at home in addition to their practice here at school. Many thanks to Mrs. Minson, one of our fantastic 3rd grade teachers, for coordinating the purchase of Typing Agent. Please let us know if you have any questions.


Ms. McFarland and Ms. Rutherford

PTO Skate Party Tomorrow!

Tomorrow night our Irving PTO is hosting a Family Skate Party at Skate World from 6-8pm.  This is a FREE event for our entire Irving Community to celebrate the Fall Fundraiser. Donations are still being accepted and our PTO board will be available at Skate World to take additional donations if you would like to contribute at that time. Families who have already submitted donations will be entered in a drawing to win some Irving Tiger wear.

PTO fundraising directly benefits all of our students here at Irving by paying for field trips, classroom supplies, Arts Attack! curriculum, and much more. We are very grateful for every financial contribution no matter how large or small. You can also contribute via credit card online at


Ms. McFarland and Ms. Rutherford

Parent Conferences Coming in December!

What a day of sunshine here in Kindergarten! We are sending home a ray of sunshine for your student this week in the form of a BRIGHT YELLOW parent conference appointment slip.

Parent conferences will be scheduled this year on December 6th, 7th, and 8th. Please reserve a day and time NOW so that we can try to best accommodate each family’s unique schedule. Appointment slips are DUE by Friday, November 18th.

Once the appointment slips are returned we can arrange the Kindergarten conference schedule and send out a confirmation for your conference day and time the week of November 28th. Please be sure to indicate on the form if you have another child attending Irving School. We work with teachers at every grade level to make sure that families can schedule all of their conferences on the same day.


Ms. McFarland and Ms. Rutherford


Thank you for catching our typo!

There was a typo in the October newsletter – sorry for the confusion!

Children may wear their costumes to school on Monday, October 31. Please make sure that costumes meet the school dress code guidelines for appropriateness. Also, please make sure that your child’s costume allows them to move freely for recess and P.E. and (most importantly!) that they can remove the necessary pieces themselves in order to use the bathroom.


Ms. McFarland & Ms. Rutherford

Fall is off to a great start!

We are well into the start of Fall in Kindergarten! The children are becoming more confident and independent in using their social skills and it is delightful to see so many of our students developing friendships in the classroom and on the playground. Some quick reminders for next week…

Picture Day is on Tuesday, October 11th. There is still time to send in the paper order form or to pre-order online through Lifetouch at Our Picture Day ID is LO416381Y0.

There will be NO SCHOOL this Friday, October 14th for our statewide in-service day.

And from our October Newsletter…

Community Helpers Month

Parents and family members who work within our community are invited to contact us to set up a time to come to our classrooms to talk about the job they do and how it helps others in our community. Please call or email your child’s teacher for more information.


Ms. McFarland and Ms. Rutherford

Kindergarten Hearing Screening

Dear Families,

All of our kindergarten students had their hearing screened yesterday as part of a District-wide program. Students who did not pass the first time will be re-checked in one week. You will only be notified by Linda Honn, our Speech/Language Specialist, if your child did not pass his/her hearing screening on the second attempt.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Ms. McFarland & Ms. Rutherford

What a wonderful first week in Kindergarten!

We had a lot of fun this week as we began learning about letters, numbers, and how to follow our rules at Irving School. Each day has been full of many activities in our classrooms, P.E., Music, and (of course) recess and lunch!

A few things to remember for next week are…

*Please make sure your child can button, snap, or zip his/her own pants and that all shoelaces are double-tied.

*Please pack a reasonably-sized lunch for your child that does not include junk food.

*Changes that you may have made on your child’s Information Page at conferences have been given to Paula and Jil in the front office. Please call Paula or Jil at (541) 688-2620 to confirm that all updates to addresses and phone numbers are now correct.

*The Class Directory will be printed soon. If you have not already included your contact information, and would like to participate, please complete and return the slip that was sent home in your child’s red folder.

Many more events are happening at school next week ~ stay tuned and check your child’s folder each day for more information!


Ms. McFarland & Ms. Rutherford

A Busy Week Ahead!

This Thursday, February 11th is our 20th Annual Kindergarten Tea Party. Thank you to all of the families who donated items to make our tea party a tasty success. Special thanks also go to the University of Oregon Catering Department for donating the fancy dishes we are using for tea time.

We are looking forward to greeting all of our guests that day! In case you missed the schedule that went home:

12:30   Guests begin to arrive – Welcome!

1:15      Everyone is seated for tea, finger sandwiches, and cookies

1:45     Tea party concludes – Thank you for coming!

You are welcome to take your child home early that day, but please be sure to sign out in the front office before you go. We will quickly be tidying up the room to be able to return the rented dishes and to prepare for…



Kindergarten Orientation is for families that will be enrolling a kindergarten student in Fall 2016. I am hosting this year’s orientation in my classroom at 3:30 and 6:3o p.m. Flyers are going home in students’ red folders and we hope to have an excellent turnout this year. Please help spread the word to your friends and neighbors. Orientation is a great time to learn a little bit about the nuts & bolts of school registration and also get a sneak peek at what a typical day in Kindergarten is really like!