Winners spread across the district

The 6th annual Bethel KidWind Challenge took place at Meadow View on April 24th. The top two winning teams from 7th (and a few 8th) grades came together with their winning turbine design to compete against their peers. The turbine was tested for 60 seconds in a wind tunnel to determine the amount of joules it could produce. That score was then combined with a team interview score. Volunteers from EWEB led the interviews and remarked at how prepared students were. They were impressed that the teams took these interviews very seriously.  At the day’s end, the 1st place team was from Mrs. Greydanus’ class at Shasta, 2nd was Mrs. Baumann’s class from Meadow View, and in third there was a tie from Mr. Field’s Prairie Mountain students with another of Mrs. Greydanus’ class. Students enjoyed the morning off from their regular classes to compete, as well as play games and design a weight-lifting turbine.

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