Discovery Lab

This program for K-3 allows students a day in their gym or cafeteria to complete hands-on energy/water related science activities.  A teacher from each school organizes the lab which arrives in tubs just prior to the event.  That teacher rounds up parent volunteers to run each of the 6-8 stations and gives other teachers in the building a schedule for when to arrive with their class.  This lab travels from school to school.  In the spring of 2020, the K/1  lab will be making its rounds.  If you would like to be the volunteer teacher for your grade, please email Cathy Bechen.

Labs include: The K/1  lab consists of  9 labs including: Sparky, Paper cup windmills, Little green houses, Imaginary shelf, Magnet Max and Maggie,Aqua play, Magnet exploration and Magnet maze. Some of the 2/3 labs are: Orbitrons, Imaginary springs, Straw trombones, Thermometers,  and Pond in a tube.  Volunteer today so your students don’t miss out on the science fun.


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