Natural Resources

The goal of this project is to supply Kalapuya High School students with materials and equipment to learn about the geography, hydrology, ecology, and energy resources in the Willamette Valley and the region of the Columbia Basin.  Students here learn best by participating in classes with significant hands-on activities.  Using the immediate environment as a classroom and laboratory will motivate them to learn science through experience.  Biomass is studied in the form of wood, bioethanol, and biodiesel. Students then study wind power, photovoltaic power, solar thermal power, and hydropower. The lesser know methods of generating electricity are also covered such as tidal power, wave power and geothermal power. Hybrid and electric vehicles are studied, as well as fuel cell vehicles. The concept of a “smart” electrical grid is introduced and how the implementation of that grid will allow future renewable energy sources to meet our energy needs. An energy audit of the building is conducted and students recommend energy saving changes. In short, EWEB funds the purchase of tools, technology, transportation and materials to allow students to design, build,  measure and get their hands on energy related projects.

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