EWEB Grant

Teachers become students

Believe it or not, your teachers do not know everything! Occasionally they need to attend a training to learn more about what they will be teaching. In this case, six teachers from the Bethel School District attended a Solar and Electric Car training on March 14th, provided by EWEB grant coordinators, where they not only learned about renewable energy, but also how to build an  electric vehicle and a solar car. They are now ready to bring the unit to the classroom after discovering for themselves the possible loopholes, frustrations and management tips. Thank your teacher today for constantly continuing to learn!!

Discovery Lab coming your way!

Second and third graders at Irving Elementary recently had the opportunity to participate in the EWEB sponsored Discovery Lab. Students visited many stations at their own pace, including activities such as making a balancing man, a wind vane, a water maze and a pond in a tube to name a few. All of their make and takes were put in a bag to share with parents at home. Next in line are students at Prairie Mountain, Danebo, Meadow View and Malabon. Parents are encouraged to help. Volunteers are needed to run the various stations. Come see what it is all about!

Salmon in action

Sixth grade students from Shasta, Cascade, Prairie Mountain and Meadowview Schools were all able to take field trips to Whitaker Creek to see salmon spawning. Professionals in the field were available to teach them about the salmon life cycle, the importance of macro-invertebrates, the riparian zone and water quality. The annual salmon watch trip is a highlight for many students after studying about and raising salmon eggs in their class. They are able to put into practice what they have learned indoors, out in the field, making for a fun-filled, highly educational day.

The salmon are here!



Fifteen lucky classrooms received 100 Chinook salmon eggs on October 26th from the Leaburg Fish Hatchery. These science students will learn how to care for the fish, keep the tank at the appropriate temperature, ammonia and pH level so that they can learn about the salmon life cycle. They will log temperature units daily so that they can predict a hatching date. Once hatched, the salmon will be set free in the Willamette River. This experience helps prepare 6th graders for their eventual Salmon Watch trip that happens each November.

Drop into a 6th grade science class and check out the egg development!

Science kits coming soon!




The 2016-17 science kits are stocked and ready to be delivered. If you haven’t yet registered for your science kits for the year, there is still time. Don’t forget to inventory it when it arrives, and again before you return it. This really helps us in our turn-a-round time! Have fun exploring the world of science!

Get ready for 2/3 Discovery Lab

Waste reduction curriclum pics 102


Do you teach second or third grade? Would you like to immerse your students in a morning of hands-on science acitvities? Sign up to lead the 2/3 discovery lab for your school! This lab includes 8 activities that will enlighten and engage your students. They can make a balancing man, a wind vane and a pond in a tube, all of which they get to take home. Please email Cathy Bechen at Cathy.bechen@bethel.k12.or.us to learn more about this opportunity.

Bethel shines at Solar Challenge

IMG_5740 IMG_5744







For nineteen years running, teams from 4J, Springfield, Crow, Fernridge, Bethel and more have been competing on the first Saturday in June with solar cars built in their science classes. Bethel had a stellar showing with three top place finishers in the competition! Mr. Wright’s Meadow View team consisting of Kiara Borja, Gabby Bartlett and McKenzie Crawford placed third in the art car with their beach scene. It even contained a live fish swimming around in a bowl on their car! Mrs. Greydanus from Shasta had two speed car teams in the final with Donavan Carlson, Deen Khaleif and Chase Johnson placing second. Ms. Redmond from Prairie Mountain had a car built by Jade McCarty that placed third in the design contest. Great job to all the participating teachers and students!

Kidwind Challenge Winners

IMG_5554IMG_5555On April 8th, the annual EWEB-sponsored, Bethel KidWind Challenge was held at Meadow View School for interested area participants. Students designed and built their own wind turbine in class, then competed by testing it in a wind tunnel and answering interview questions. Winners were:

Middle School Competition:
1st place: Shasta Middle School’s Chris Lonergan and Jerusalem Morris
2nd place: Cascade Middle School’s Kyndra McKernan, Maddie Blankenship and Zane Grace
3rd place: Shasta’s Chloe Van Sant, Kyla Smith and Cole Macklin

High School Competition:
1st place: Kalapuya High School’s Heather Harvey and Alyssa Smalling
2nd place: Willamette High School’s Helen Lucas, Allison Sanders and Janelle Upshaw
3rd place: Kalapuya’s Sarah Lander, Tyas Scott and Peter Rann

Heather Harvey and Alyssa Smalling (above) are advancing to the National Competition at the American Wind Energy Conference being held May 22-25th in New Orleans with their winning turbine pictured here. Another winning team from Cascade Middle School consisting of Devin Allen, Daniel Edwards and Quinn Peters, who won at a regional competition in Portland last year will be attending as well.

Bethel/EWEB Kidwind Challenge Coming Soon!


Get ready! The 3rd annual Kidwind Challenge is being held at Meadow View this year on Friday, April 8th from 10-2. Students from Willamette, Kalapuya, Shasta, Prairie Mountain, Cascade, Meadow View and Gateways School in Springfield will be competing with a wind turbine they made in class. Teams earn a power score after being tested for 60 seconds in the wind tunnel. This score is then combined with their interview score, administered by U of O students, to get a final score. Winners will be awarded prizes. The high school team earning first place will have the opportunity to compete at the national competition in New Orleans in May of this year! Come watch– you will be blown away!

Creative Fundraising!

duct tape to wall


Last year, three students from Cascade won the Regional Kidwind Challenge held in Portland, after advancing from the local competition held at Willamette High School. Because the National Kidwind Challenge is held every other year, The Blazing Hurricanes, consisting of Devin Allen, Daniel Edwards, and Quinn Peters have been invited to go to the competition in New Orleans being held this year in May! Only problem…they had to fund their way. With a Go Fund Me account, a lot of creative fundraising (i.e. students and faculty paid fifty cents for a piece of duct tape to tape Quinn Peters to the wall), and a very determined and hard-working teacher, these three students have earned their way and will be going with Ms. Calkins on May 21st to compete in the challenge being held at the American Wind Energy Conference.  Good luck Blazing Hurricanes!